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Funniest Moment of 2003


What was the Funniest Moment of 2003  

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Nominations were as follows

Zach Gowen impersonating a wrestler JR Singing 9Austin/Bischoff - Pie munching etc..Colt Cabana promos 6Steiner falling off the apron 14Kane slipping off the top rope at SummerslamThe Austin/Jericho/Christian "Austin: Hell No" Angle! Eric Bischoff/Chris Jericho/Steve Austin 'Highlight Reel' segment at Insurrextion 3 The Kenny Bolin Presidential Campaign Party Song and Dance Routine! Jonny Storm's 'Lets be friends' with Chris Hamrick Rock/Hurricane Hamburglar Segment Raw March  8Ebessan vs. Kuishinbo Kamen [2/3 Falls]John Cena and Kurt Angle's rap battle.Rock telling the people not to boo the cops.Randy Orton and Ric Flair losing the money on Raw with HHH finding it 3Rock/Christian segment where Christian asks for Rocks autographPaul Heyman blanking an increasingly-hot-looking Dawn Marie's advances- IT'S BUSINESS first! Kane slipping off the apron- nut job! Stalker Ichikawa vs Yoshihiro Takayama Jonny Storm vs. Chris Hamrick at FWA Hotwired. 3Goldberg's entrance at Summerslam where he did that stoopid looking kick and fell over! 2GBH falling over in the entrance way at a recent FCW show.Flair/Hurricane match from an edition of RAW back in MayEbessan vs Kushinbo from Osaka Pro: Hurricane The Spanky / John Cena battle rapY2Js Highlight reelscena raps 3Eric Bishoff having to sing his theme song at Bad BloodEbessan vs Kuishinbo Kamen from Osaka Hurricane.The Rock concert part 1. Austin singing the national anthem on RAW with Lilian GarciaRock brings out Gillberg to confront Goldberg

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