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How the awards work


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In this board the UKFF 2003 Awards will be voted on, standard wrestling awards, UK related awards and finally some UKFF awards of our own .The categories are as follows:Wrestling Awards:Wrestler of 2003Worst Wrestler of 2003Event of 2003Worst Event of 2003Tag-Team of 2003Worst Tag-Team of 2003Rookie of 2003Match of 2003Worst Match of 2003Angle of 2003Worst Angle of 2003Most Memorable Moment of 2003Funniest Moment of 2003Heel of 2003Face of 2003The Billy Gunn Award - The biggest loser of the yearUK Awards:UK Wrestler of 2003UK Match of 2003The UKFF's own Awards:UKFFer of 2003 - The UKFF's best poster this yearDolt of 2003 - The most idiotic, annoying person on the UKFF this yearMost Memorable Post of 2003Most Shameless Plugger of 2003At, not With Award - The person you laughed the most AT during 2003LOL Award - Who genuinely made you laugh out loud the most this year on the UKFF?UKFF Feud of 2003Shortly, we will start taking nominations for the first set of categories. You can reply to the appropriate topic with your nominations, the window for taking nominations for each award will last for roughly 3 days. The topic will then be closed and the list will be whittled down to a maximum of ten nominations (based on the most popular ones). Please note that it is fine to nominate when that nomination has already been made; this will ensure that the most popular choices go in for the final voting.Once all awards have their nominations finalised, then voting will begin.Please note you can only reply to topics in this board, you cannot start topics. Please keep all posts on topic (i.e nominations) to avoid confusion.

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