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Six Years Ago This Week..........


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If Mo enjoys wrestling so much, find me one quote or review from him praising a match or event that's taken place over 10 years ago.

Check out the last Powerslam supplement called 'The Greatest Wrestling Shows of All Time'. Look at all those shows I picked from ROH and CZW. :rolleyes:
Freaky coincidence - I was reading this issue on the loo this morning!Mo choices:5) Great American Bash 19894) Super J Cup 19943) Wrestlemania X-Seven2) Dream Slam II1) Dream Slam 1My fave shows of all time, probably change with every passing minute but right now:Summerslam 1989Wrestlemania VIGreat American Bash 1989Starrcade 1989Fighting Spirit Memorial Day PPV 2002 - very odd choice to most but this show just entralled me and got me back into NJPW in a big way.
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