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29 wanting to resume pro wrestling training


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Hi all, 

First post here, I’ve always been passionate about wrestling. I first trained pro wrestling in September 2019 when I was 26. Did it up until covid. Just before Covid in November 2019 got into a relationship with a girl I’d known for a long time which lasted a while but ultimately was a detriment to my mental health (controlling, not letting me go out with mates or even the gym). Fast forward to September 2021 had a mental health bout and 2 weeks later we’ve split. Over this time I’ve put on weight 90kg to 108kg and have now got back down to 87kg, leaned out but beginning to put weight on. Between October 2021 I’ve had my first mma fight in 5 years and had my first boxing fight last year. I’m very active and have ideas for gimmicks and my style but want to be somewhere which will help create that. I know I’ve gotta make a run for what I want to do because the last thing I want to do is regret it. Do any of you on here have any experience of people my age starting out pro wrestling, obviously there’s well known guys like DDP at 35 and Batista was older 31 I believe? 

Please share your thoughts any advise is massively appreciated. 

Thank you 

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