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Classic Observer Radio/Eyada Show - Discussion


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So I've been re-listening to a lot of these shows again (from around 1999 - 2004) and really enjoying them.

I've uploaded 4 of the Tom Zenk shows to YouTube for your listening pleasure since he's probably my favourite guest:


Other guests that were great:
Frank Shamrock
Bobby Heenan
Jim Cornette
Bruno Sammartino
Don Frye
Larry Matysik
Bad News Allen

Memorable moments:

When 'Star in Seattle' burned Dave Meltzer (Jim Cornette was the guest) https://youtu.be/2reTIOHdb9M
Bret Hart buys a house from Monty Burns https://youtu.be/GpgOnIe1UGU

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the old Observer Radio shows? Favourite moments or guests? 

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