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Bret vs Shawn the final word


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Hey peeps, been rewatching the Bret vs Shawn era and just wanted to give my 2pence on the rivalry without the political edge.

I think that Shawn is an amazing athlete and even better when he got sober, I’m not going to judge on the backstage stuff, but after watching the matches/interactions again I’d put forward that Shawn had his best matches against bret, he got the most out of his early career from those matches that he couldn’t have got from any other superstar in the WWE at that time and that bret helped Shawn up to that platform where he could have been the main guy more than any other superstar bar Shawns match with mankind at iyh hell in a cell.

Up to the point where Shawn beats bret for the title the only other top level match he had was against razor in the ladder matches, which were amazing, while I say that I do have to recognise that brets best wrestling matches came against Shawn as well, and it is hands down his greatest rivalry, but just like Austin needed that bret match I don’t think Shawn could have had that boyhood dream moment against anyone other than bret at that moment in time in the WWE before razor left.

shawns matches with diesel were not great and the same with undertaker, which I don’t blame him for as taker was still doing zombie man wrestling at the time, he needed bret to get over but bret got over before Shawn got big. 

This will probs get some heat so will finish by saying that Sean had probs the better overall career.

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