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Are there any men on here, who have a deep passion for flowers?


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Hope you don’t mind us reaching out. We’re shooting a documentary on 'tough' men who like gardening, floristry and horticulture and were wondering if you might be able to help us find someone? Random, we know, but it’s been proven to help with men’s mental wellbeing and we’re trying to find some more unexpected characters.

Not just a hobby but we're looking for men who have deep passion, and in depth knowledge, of flowers? It's a huge part of your life. Gardening, flowers, trees etc are quite common in the livelihoods of older men because its a hobby that's usually picked up after retirement eg - owning an allotment or greenhouse. It would be interesting to see how many young men this connects with.
AND MORE SO, racially diverse men, as again, retired gardening can be a very Caucasian saturated hobby. If you know anyone else who fits this 'tough guy' brief, please pass on the information! 

I have attached the casting call which has more information on the project. THIS IS A PAID OPPORTUNITY. 

If you're a man, who loves flowers, flowers are a huge part of you, I wanna hear from you!


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