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The Women of Wrestlemania - new book


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Hi everyone, I wanted to announce my new book, The Women of WrestleMania


A look at the history of WWE’s WrestleMania, with a focus on how women have been treated over the years, embracing both the good times and the bad times, and tracking the progress that has gradually been made to see women main event the biggest wrestling show in the world.

Includes analysis of every single show in chronological order to identify themes, trends and issues faced over time, as well as a statistical breakdown of eras.

Plus a look at the history of what it meant to be a Diva, profiles on the top stars of each era, and an attempt to define who is Ms. WrestleMania.

A minimum of 25% of all profits from this book will be donated to women’s charities.

Praise for my first book Women Love Wrestling:

"Very well written, I am really enjoying it, I have been so impressed by the writers and their passion for the subject” – Wrestling legend and bestselling author Mick Foley

“Expert contributions that unexpectedly and thoroughly cover a treasure trove of topics. This reader was euphoric over the amount of subject matter jam-packed into this important and long overdue collection” – SlamWrestling.net

“A compendium of some of the most passionate, varied and informed authors unified under the goal of giving a platform to voices that often are overlooked” – Pro Wrestling Torch

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