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Japanese compilations and Noah DVDs for sale.

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I'm looking to offload my entire dvd/blu ray collection.

I have the following for sale at the moment.

Highspots compilations

Revival of Super Hero: Tiger Mask Final Collection (6 Discs) Match listing here  http://www.highspots.com/p/19627.html  £8

Best of Jumbo Tsuruta (4 discs) Match listing here http://www.highspots.com/p/20615.html    £6

Best of Bruiser Brody (5 Discs) Match listing here http://www.highspots.com/p/18618.html £8

Many Faces of Mutoh  (5 Discs) Match Listing here http://www.highspots.com/p/18089.html £8

A Dragons Tale: The Tatsumi Fujinami Story (Interview & Matches 5 discs) http://www.highspots.co.uk/p/Multi-Disc-Sets/24333.html £8


Pro Wrestling Noah Shiny Navigation 2006 Jun Akiyama vs Naomichi Marufuji Main event (English Commentary) £4

Pro Wrestling Noah Special Budokan Edition: Matches from October 27 and December 2nd 2007 (Incudes Kenta Kobashis return match after cancer treatment) £4

Pro Wrestling Noah First Navigation 2007: Misawa vs Morishima main event, £4


Will add on a pound or so for postage.

Message me if interested in any of these before I put them up on ebay. 


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