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Selling entire wrestling DVD/Blu ray collection


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I'm looking to offload my entire collection mixture of official releases and DVD rips. I don't have cases for many of the the official releases any more as the cases are stuck in my parents place which I can't access due to Covid/lockdown.

This is what I still have for sale, first come first served message me if interested in any happy to do  deals on bundles. Some of these are already on ebay so may go.

Message if you're interested in anything.





Wrestlemania 12-17 (Anthology Edition)

Wrestlemania 19 

Wrestlemania 20!

Wrestlemania 21

Wrestlemania 22

Wrestlemania 28 

Wrestlemania 30 

Summerslam 2001

The Dusty Rhodes Story !

Destruction of the Shield ! (Blu Ray)

WWF High Flyers/Greatest Steel Cage Matches (Two early coliseum home video releases ripped onto one dvd)

Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story

Ric Flair & the Four Horsemen

The Rise & Fall of ECW

Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses

You think you know me:The Story of Edge 

Greatest Steel Cage matches of all time

ECW Unreleased Vol 2 (Blu Ray)

Legends of Mid South Wrestling (Blu Ray) 


Highspots Compilations 

Many faces of Mutoh 5 discs 

Ultimo Dragon six discs

Tatsumi Fujinami Dragons Story: 5 discs (matches and shoot interview) 

Revival of Hero: Tiger Mask final collection 6 Discs 

Best of Bruiser Brody 5 discs (Japanese matches only) 

Kenta Kobashi: Burning Spirit 5 Discs

Best of Eddie Guerrero in Japan 2 Discs

Sting in Japan 2 discs

Miracle Violence Connection (Dr Death & Terry Gordy) 3 discs

Jumbo Tsuruta 4 discs




The Tokyo Summit


Anarchy in the UK 

All Star Extravaganza IV


Joe Vs Kobashi

Take No Prisoners

Reborn Completion 2 discs 

Night of Champions (DVD Rip)

Final Battle 2008

Super Card of Honor 2 discs

Final Battle 2003

Dragon Gate Challenge

Supercard of Honor III

Live in Tokyo

Better Than our Best


Chikara (All Dvd Rips)


Clutch of Doom 2011

Cauldron of Hate 2011

Horse of another Color 2 Discs

Chikarasaurus Rex 2 discs

High Noon

Revelation X




Seven (DVD Rip)


Life During wartime

The Musical

Kurt Russell Reunion III (DVD Rip)

Kee the kee out of our ool

DDT 4 2011 (DVD Rip)

Giant Sized Annual #4 (DVD Rip)

Eight (DVD Rip)

Threemendous III 




Best of the bloodiest brawls vol 1

Best of X Division Matches 

Best of the X Division Vol 1 

Cross the Line pack vol 2 (Turning Point 2009,Final Resolution 2008 & Genesis 2009) 

Slammiversary 2005 

Final Resolution 2009

Lockdown 2006

Best of TNA in 2007

Genesis 2005

Unbreakable 2005

Destination X 2006




Hardcore Heaven 96

Arnarchy Rulz 99 (Rip)

Guilty as charged 99

Anarchy Rulz 2000 (Rip)

The Doctor is in (Rip)

Crossing the Line Again (Rip)

November to Remember 2000 (Rip)

Cyberslam 1999 (Rip)

Heatwave 1998

Living Dangerously 1999

A matter of Respect (Rip)

House Party 99 (Rip)


WCW/ (All rips from official wcw/nwa vhs releases or original broadcasts picture quality may vary)


World War 3 1995

Great American Bash 1987

Clash of Champions 

Superbrawl II

Rumble in Rising Sun (WCW vs NJPW Supershow)

Mayhem 1999

Superbrawl 8 1998

Bash at the Beach 1996

Souled out 1998

Spring Stampede 1999

Chi Town Rumble 89

Fall Brawl 96

Great American Bash 1989

Slamboree 1994

Great American Bash 1990

Kollision in Korea 


NJPW (All Rips)


Tokyo Dome show 4th Jan 1993 (Includes WCW stars)

Battle Formaion 1996

destruction 2013

WrestleKingom IV

Dominion 2010

Wrestle Kingdom II

Dontaku 2010

Wrestle Kingdom V

G1 Climax 1992 (Elimination tournament for NWA world championship)

Best of Super Juniors 2010 (Selected matches from the tournament)

Super J Cup 2009

Wrestle Kingdom VII

Super J crown Tournament 1996

Wrestle Kingdom III

Sumo Hall Special 2009

Destruction 2010

The New Beginning

Muscle Storm Tour 1995

Resolution 09 (Angle vs Tanahashi)

Dominion 2012

Dontaku 2011

Dominion 2011

Destruction 2013

New Japan Ism


Pro Wrestling Noah


First Navigation 2007 

Shiny Navigation 2006

Destiny 2005 (Massive Tokyo Dome show Misawa vs Kawada Main event)

Global Tag League Tournament 2008

Special Double Budokan Edition 2 (selected matches from 27/10/07 and 2/12/07 shows)

European Navigation 2008

European Navigation 2011 Night 1 

European Navigation 2011 night 2

Departure 2004

Exceeding our Dreams 2009

Spring Navigation 28/04/07

Great Voyage 2009 (Misawa tribute show)


British Wrestling


Revolution Pro High Stakes 2015 

When Thunder Strikes 2013 

Summer Sizzler 2014 

1PW Know your Enemy 2007 night 1 

Know Your Enemy 2007 night 2 

1PW First Anniversary Show

1PW Know your enemy 2006 Night 1

1PW Know your enemy 2006 Night 2

King of Europe Tournament 2007

Best of World of Sport (Rip) This a comp I picked up some years ago selected World of Sport matches including Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart and others

FWA Vendetta 2003 (Rip)

FWA British Uprising 1 2002

FWA Seasons Beatings 2003



Shimmer Woman's Athletes


Volume 4 (features a pre WWE Becky Lynch) 

Volume 5 (Features pre wwe Becky Lynch, case is damaged) 

Volume 17 

Volume 18 

Volume 21 



Dragon Gate (Mostly Rips)


Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling Live in L.A ! ( Official Release)

Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2010

Gate of Generation 08

Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 09

Dragon Gate USA First PPV

Best of Dragon Gate Vol 1 (official release with English commentary)

Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2011

Final Gate 2010

D.O.A. 2009

Final Gate 2011

Dragon Gate Invasion UK 2009 (official release)



Michinoku Pro (All Rips)


World Title Match Series

M Pro Live 10/10/97 (Features appearance by the Undertaker)


These Days

Masked Man tournament 1995



Lucha Libre


Luchariffic Vol 1 (from highspots compilation of lucha from 2003)

Best of Mistico (Rip)

CMLL 74th Anniversary show (Highspots release)

CMLL 17/3/2000

Best of Guerrero's Del Infierno (Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero)

Death Valley Driver Video Review Best 20 Lucha matches of the 90s (Matches from Mexico featuring likes of Rey Mysterio, El Hijo Del Santo, Psicosis & Juventud Guerrera







AJPW Giant Baba Memorial Show 1999

World wrestling peace festival 1996 (Inoki promoted supercard featuring Liger, Sasuke, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio and more.

Pro wrestling superstars at Wrestle reunion VI LA 2012- ( This DVD features likes of Fit Finlay, Colt Cabana, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, Young Bucks, Steiner Brothers and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn in pre WWE days. Full match listing can be fond on Highspots.com)

WXW 16 Ct Gold Tournament 2012 (Rip)

MLW Hybrid Hell

MLW Revolutions

Toryumon Mexico 6/3/06

Toryumon Mexico 2/10/06

SWS/WWF SuperWrestle 91 (Features Hulk Hogan and other WWF stars wrestling in Japan)

Best Of the Lightning Kid (Lots of Lightning Kid AKA Sean Waltman/X Pac vs Jerry Lynn matches)

Chris Hero The collectors edition Volume 1 ! (6 matches from various promotions, disc is signed by Chris Hero)













































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