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HUGE DVD clearout PWG/ROH/WWE/ICW/Progress/RPW/Misc

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FOR SALE- a whole host of DVDS


Would love to sell as a bulk order but open to offers on disks

payment through paypal



All star weekend x night 1 and 2

Matt Rushmore


BOLA 2014- night 1-3


Sold our soul for rock and roll

Mystery vortex 2

Failure to communicate

The many adventures of el generico

BOLA 13 night 2


Is your body ready

All star weekend 9- night 1 and 2

Mystery vortex

Pwg volume 1 box set



A night of appreciation 2002

Champions challenge 2010

Final battle 2013

Best in the world 2015

Final battle 2010

Gold rush 2010

No escape 2011

Civil warfare 2010

Defy or deny 2011

Bluegrass brawl 2010

Battle in the Carolina 2011

Death before dishonour viii

Border wars 2012

Best in the world 2014

War of the worlds 2014

Global wars 2014

Supercard of honour viii

12th anniversary

Year three

Global wars 2015



enter the dragon (red dragon)- signed but slightly worn autograph

Michael Elgin unbreakable (signed)

Briscoe brothers sandy fork originals (signed)

Roderick strong destiny fulfilled (signed)

El generico ole ole

Cm punk the second city saint

Volume 1

Ring of hardcore

Tyler black rise from the fall

Kevin steen descent into madness

Claudio castagnoli the Swiss sensation



The very best of wcw Monday nitro

The rise and fall of wcw

Starcade the essential collection


Tombstone the history of the undertaker

Wrestlemania 23

Wrestlemania 22

Wrestlemania 21

Ric flair and the four horsemen

Ricky the dragon steamboat life of a dragon

Cheating death stealing life- the Eddie guerrero story



twinsanity- fear and Lothian + 100% shenanigans

Twinsanity- there’s something about Maryhill + terminator 2 judgment day

Twinsanity- a show in London + what’s your boggle

Twinsanity- up and atom + jimmy nails revenge

Twinsanity- the goggles they do nothing + show me your lizard

Fear and loathing VI

Daves not here man

Everything’s coming up millhouse (4disks)

Square go 2014

Still smokin


Progress Super strong style 16



NOAH European navigation 2011

King of flights 2015

The very best of itv wrestling A-Z

Chikara uk tour 2015 sampler (wrestlecrate) - 2 disk

Two falls to a finish

Pro wrestling chaos heir to the throne

Pro wrestling chaos rhynos boars birds beards

Tetsujin shoot (card sleeve)

Futureshock wresting 2012 boxset

Fight club pro 2015 sampler

The best of itv wrestling



WXW 15th anniversary

Best of Jon moxley

The American dragon Bryan danielson



fright night 3

Final fight

Supershow of honour 2014 boxset

Just get in the bloody ring

I want to break three

Tribute to the troops 2014

Supershow 4 boxset

Springslam 2014

Who dares wins 2014

Road to glory 2014 boxset

Festive fury 2013

Supershow 3 2013 boxset

Fright night 2

No retreat no surrender boxset

Road to glory night 1 and 2 (homemade box)

More bang for your buck (homemade box)

Festive fury 2012 (homemade box)

Kevin steen/Ferguson devitt compilation

Guild wars blu Ray


Rev pro Summer sizzler 2014 High stakes 2014 Uprising 2013

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