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Selling: Progress @ Wembley tickets (Sept 30th)


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My rotten string of luck continues, as I find myself unable to attend the big Progress Wrestling show at SSE Wembley Arena at the end of this month.

Announced a full year in advance, the event is a landmark statement for one of the UK's most lauded modern promotions. One of those "I was there" occasions for any BritWres fan.

Except I won't be there. But you and up to three mates can be, if you'd like to buy my tickets for the knockdown price of £25 each plus postage.

These are floor seats but not front row. I'm being a little vague in public so as not to cause any problems with the venue/ticket company, but further details are available via PM - please fire away with any questions you might have.

(Oh and yes, the £60 wine voucher is thrown in. Valid for the next 30 days or so, on a first order of £99.99 or more from the Naked Wines website. Whatevs.)



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