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Wrestle Island Sept 30th Birkenhead


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Huge grudge match announced for Terror At Twisted Towers!
Big Joe has been going out of his way to cause havoc for the magnificent one, Matthew Brooks and both competitors have now agreed to this brutal stipulation!
Who will come out on top in this 3 Stages Of Hell match on September 30th at Birkenhead Youth Club? Order tickets now to find out!! 1st Stage SING OFF, 2nd Stage POSE OFF And 3rd if needed PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCH!!!!!!!!



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Huge Three Way Dance announced for Terror At Tilted Towers!
After being absent from the last couple of shows, Jayde is looking to return with a huge impact and remind The Island faithful exactly what she is all about! Henry T Grodd is something of an unknown quantity at The Island, but he'll be looking to capitalise on the momentum he got from his win against Sandy Beach at the last show. Completing the trio will be WWE UK roster member and international superstar El Ligero!
All this and much more on Sept 30th at Birkenhead Youth Club.
Tickets available now!



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After last shows Standout performance it has took us a while to find someone to take a match Vs Lucas Steel . Till the other night when a old friend of the Island contacted us and asked for the match, And that man is not just a tough sob hes filthy gorgeous. Sept 30th its The Standout Lucas Steel Vs Filthy Gorgeous Rob Sharpe



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Huge main event announced for Terror At Tilted Towers! Before Sean Only has the chance to defend his Wrestle Island championship elsewhere, he must first retain against not 1, not 2, but 3 top contenders in a massive fatal 4 way match!
Facing off against Terry Isit, Amir Jordan and fierce rival Drill, Sean will be at a huge disadvantage as he does not even have to be pinned to lose his belt. Can he triumph against these seemingly insurmountable odds? Only one way to find out - come to Birkenhead Youth Club on September 30th! Tickets available now!!





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