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Monday Night Wars - “Cool story bro”


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Hi guys, I’m writing a pros novel about the Monday Night Wars. (Purely to satisfy my love of writing) and I’m looking for fun stories to include. 


I’m after the little anecdotes and tidbits that you hear on shoot interviews and podcasts that aren’t particularly well known but flesh out these characters and stories so well. 


Obviously we all know about Lugers contract running out and him debuting on Nitro, we all know about Bret ripping Shawn’s hair out and good lord do we all know about Montreal but let’s hear some hidden gems. 


Anything that supposedly occurred between 1995 and 2001 is fair game!


Here are a couple from me to get the ball rolling. 


Shawn / Nash / Jean Pierre Lafayette 


Nash is defending the WWF title against Jean at a Montreal House show in 95. Jean is a huge baby face there so suggests a screw job finish so they can have a return match. 

Nash is fine with this until HBK walks in to the locker room and hears the proposed finish. 

HBK acknowledges their plan and then motions to leave but before doing so he stands to Jeans blind side and mouths to Nash “FUCK HIM. JACKKNIFE. 1. 2. 3.!”

The match then goes on with that exact finish, killing Jeans hope of a rematch. 


Undertaker / Bret / Nash

Going in to WrestleMania 12 Bret has a cage match coming up with Nash. The proposed finish has Nash having Bret beaten and then Taker costing him the win. 

Bret isn’t happy as he’s going into Mania as champion but has been made to look weak against both Taker and Nash. 

After Bret begins pleading his case Undertaker snaps and tells him “Mother fucker, not everything is about you!”


Benoit / Hall

Scott Hall begins talking to Benoit and telling him how much he respects and admires his work. While doing so he takes out his dick and urinates all over Benoit’s boots humiliating him. 

Jericho later rebuked this story saying that both men were at a urinal and Hall was so drunk and high on somas that he accidentally pissed on Benoit.  

I say never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 


Finally a nice bit of sleaze to finish. The WWF crew are staying at a hotel and Chris Candido ‘lends’ Sunny to Ahmed Johnson in return for some coke. Sunny does the deed with Ahmed and then takes the coke to HBK’s room and does the whole bag with him all the while Chris is frantically looking around the hotel asking anyone if they’ve seen Sunny. 

The next morning HBK runs in to Chris and says “Thanks for the coke.”


So far the Squared Circle Gazette and Something to wrestle with podcasts have provided a wealth of material along with all the Melter archive issues from the time. 


All contributions are very welcome and should hopefully produce some fun UKFF banter.

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4 hours ago, DavidParis said:

Shawn / Nash / Jean Pierre Lafayette

HBK acknowledges their plan and then motions to leave but before doing so he stands to Jeans blind side and mouths to Nash “FUCK HIM. JACKKNIFE. 1. 2. 3.!”

I can forgive a good old fashioned double cross, but taking advantage of a man's disability is beyond the pale.

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