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PCW, wXw, ROH DVDs and Blu Rays for sale


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Got a load of PCW DVDs and Blu Rays for sale - all originals and in excellent condition. 

Also got an ROH DVD, Chikara UK tour, wXw and Pro Wrestling Chaos DVD again, all original and in excellent condition

PCW (Single show DVDs  £5, Blu Rays  £7 & collection DVDs  £9)


A New Beginning (ft. Team Shag  (Burridge & Cabana) vs Nathan Cruz and Martin Kirby)

PCW vs PBW (ft. Lionheart vs Kris Travis, Noam Dar vs El Ligero)

Road to Glory (ft. Lionheart vs Jack Gallagher, championship tourney including Kris Travis, Noam Dar, T-Bone & Joey Hayes)

Festive Fury (ft. Dave Rayne and Nigel McGuinness vs Sam Bailey and Mad Man Manson, T-Bone vs Mikey Whiplash)

Fright Night 3 (ft. Chris Masters vs Dave Mastiff, Dave Rayne and Mad Man  Manson vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick)

Blu Rays

Road to Glory 2015 (tourney ft. Matt Hardy, Carlito, Christopher Daniels, John Morrison, Will Osprey and much much more)

Just get in the bloody ring (ft. Noam Dar vs Paul London, Bubblegum vs Brian Kendrick & Team Single vs the Dudleys

Supershow 5 (ft. Juventud Guerrera, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Jeff Jarrett  and much more)

Collection 2 ft. Akira Tozawa, Kris Travis, Rockstar Spud

Collection 3 ft. Davey Richards, Angelina Love

Collection 5 ft. The Steiners, Kevin Steen, Goldust, Johnny Gargano, Tommy Dreamer, Lita, Shelton Benjamin

Collection 6 ft. Jushin Thunder Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Davey Richards, Awesome Kong, Bob Holly

Collection 7 ft. AJ Styles, Liger, The Godfather, Apollo Crews(Uhaa Nation) Vader, Chris Hero

Collection 8 ft. AJ Styles, Papa Shango, Finn Balor, The Hurricane, Petey Williams, Low Ki

Collection 9 ft. Carlito, Mr Anderson, Austin Aries, Al Snow, Apollo Crews, Chris Masters


Best in the World 2015 £8 ft. Bullet Club vs the Kingdom, Addiction vs Redragon, Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal


15th anniversary tour finale £5 ft. Karsten Beck vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Zack Sabre Jr and Van Walter vs Cerberus


2015 UK tour sampler £3 MK McKinnan vs Drew Gulak, Mark Andrews vs Silver Ant, Moustache Mountain vs Devastation Corporation

Pro Wrestling Chaos dvd  £3 Tommaso Ciampa vs Jeckel, Mark Andrews vs Morgan Webster & WWE star Rhyno in 6 man tag action 

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