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Videos, DVDs and figures

Ian 86

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Hi guys

Im going to be moving soon and as part of this some stuff needs to go so I'm looking to shift a load of figures (mainly the late 90s/early 00s WCW ones all used and unboxed, a few wwf ones from the same time and a few sets of boxed wwe classics).

Also need to shift my wwe, wcw, ecw, and indy vids and dvds. Not going to list them here because there's a couple of hundred!

Based in east london - can be picked up or i may be able to deliver if you're London based.

If you'd like more details or a list of anything drop me a pm please.

Not looking to sell individually, need rid of the lot.



EDIT: if I dont get any interest on here, the whole lot will go on eBay or, ultimately, be dumped which would be a real shame.

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