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Various wrestling dvds for sale


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Please pm for more information


Beat of raw and SmackDown 2011 4 disc

Survivor series 2000

Dragon gate UK shingo vs yokosuka 2

Dragon gate UK invasion UK

Survivor series 2010

Great American bash 2006

South side crossing the line 2013

Southside x-pendables 2015

Southside supremacy 2015

Pwg steen wolf

Czw cafe of death 13

Czw international incident

Evolve 6

Southside seasons beatings 2

Southside battle of egos 5

Roh straight shooting konnan

Pwg ddt4 2014

Ecw unreleased vol 1

Summerslam 99

Royal rumble 2011

Full impact pro in full force

Full impact pro the usual suspects


Progress chapter 9

Progress chapter 31 all hail the new puritans

Progress chapter 36 we need a bigger room again




Happy to provide pictures or match listings


Lots more to add soon!

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