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For Sale: Wrestling Magazines (Resurrection, Tag Rope, Calling Spots,


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I've been having a clear out, and I'm offloading the following magazines, all in mint condition:


Resurrection - Issues 1-5

Calling Spots - Issues 1-17

The Tag Rope - Issues 2-5

Pro Wrestling Illustrated - September 2014-December 2016


PM me if you're interested in anything.



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Sorry to BUMP an old thread, but I am having another clear out and just found these Calling Spots magazines again.

It jogged a memory of me getting some interest for them (from member Reverend possibly?) but I believe I forgot to reply and thus no deal was struck.

Anyway, if anyone is after them, they are still for sale, so give me a shout.

Also, I have a massive pile of FSM magazines that I'll get rid of too, probably covering about 2011-2017.


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