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Working A Resthold - LIVE w/ Special Guests


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We'll be putting on a live version of our podcast with an audience on the 8th October in Altrincham, Manchester, just a 5 minute walk away from What Culture's show with Kurt Angle vs Cody Rhodes.


Our show is in the afternoon, so you can catch our show and then make the short walk to the Silverblades Arena to catch theirs! Win-Win.


We've got the SUICIDAL, SUICIDAL, SUICIDAL Jimmy Havoc and the Fashionista from Knightsbridge, Jinny, joining us with more guests to be announced.


Tickets are only £5 and it's at a cracking venue called The Craftsman which have a fine array of real ales and craft beers.


You can get your tickets from:




Be great to see some of you there



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