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WrestleForce returns to the Hatch Warren Community Centre in Basingstoke for another live action Wrestling Extravaganza!

Presenting 2 hours of thrilling, non-stop action unlike anything you’ve experienced before! With larger than life characters, mat technicians and flamboyant high flying superstars, WrestleForce delivers a diverse evening of entertainment featuring everything from drama to comedy that the whole family can enjoy!

Doors: 6:30 PM and then it all kicks off with the show commencing at 7 PM!

Our 1st match to be announced:



2 of the hottest up and comers in the country go head to head one June 18th at the Hatch Warren Community Centre

Lewis Howley has had a break out year, including a 3 month tour of Canada while Josh Bodom appeared on WWE's YouTube channel in a cruiser weight tournament qualifying match last month!

This promises to be a fantastic 1st time meeting!

More matches to be announced in the coming days.

Tickets available at www.wrestleforce.com

Share the event on Facebook, give the page a like while you're at it also:



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**2nd match announced for Basingstoke June 18th**




Lord Gideon Grey will take on Nina Samuels in an inter gender match!

Nina has scored wins over a number of competitors in the women's division, and has come come very close to winning the Women's Championship on more than once occasion.

None of that will mean anything to Lord Gideon Grey! The aristocrat has been very publicly outspoken with his sexist and chauvinistic views on a woman's place in society, so none of Nina's accomplishments would have garnered any respect!

But that may very likely change once the bell rings and Gideon has to deal with Nina in this highly anticipated match up!

Both will want to prove a point! Who's side will the Basingstoke's faithful be on?

Tikets and details at www.wrestleforce.com

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**3rd match announced for Basingstoke**

The Crusher takes on Prince Jato!



The Crusher is 6 feet and 20 stone of pure monster ready to unleash hell on whoever is unfortunate enough to be put in his path of destruction!

Jato will have to use his technique and high flying maneuvers to avoid getting caught and, well, crushed!

Will the prince manage to survive or will he become Crusher's next victim?

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*Sid Scala vs Oliver Peace, June 18th in Basingstoke*

'Savy' Sid Scala has been selling his goods all across the country and has vowed to make Basingstoke Bargainstoke come Saturday!

With rumours circulating about Sid Scala's goods coming from the black market, Basingstoke's own: Oliver Peace, will want to defend the honour and integrity of his hometown!

Will the power of peace prevail or will money talk at the Hatch Warren Community Centre?

Tickets and details at www.wrestleforce.com

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