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Testing the waters for original Fantasy Wrestling Game...


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Hello wrestling fans.


I'm running/testing small wrestling online federation (no english version YET).

Just want to check if there are people interested to join the project if I decide to add english version.


The game is based on real results from WWE's events: Raw, SmackDown and PPV's and could be called fantasy/prediction wrestling federation. Could be, but there is much more to it than just predicting real live events.

So, every week players actually participate in matches between each other. The player with higher score wins a match.

The more matches you win the more over you become and you increase your chances to get a spot in the championship matches.

We have 3 single's titles and a tag team title.

After every match you earn experience points, which can be used to perform "actions".

To get over quicker, you can call out other player to a feud, and of course win it.

To win a feud, you not only have to focus on winning your own matches, but you have to be involved in your rival matches (you can attack him at the backstage, interfere in his match, do a guest commentary during his match - all this has an impact on his match result).

What else can you do? You can participate in different type of matches: Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, Fatal-4-Way, Triple Threat, and so on. During a match, you can hit your opponent with a chair to make more damage... and be disqualified. With enough experience you may decide to get "push", which helps you win more matches.

There is also a “backstage” section, which allows players to write promos. However this is just an add-on to make this federation more “alive” and has no impact on game results.

The game has no “seasons”. You jump in whenever you like.


Anyone interested?

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