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Progress Wrestling DVDs for sale on eBay


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These DVDs are no longer available to buy from Progress Wrestling and were sold in limited amounts.

World Cup show   For the final time, PROGRESS returns to its spiritual home at the world-famous Highbury Garage for a farewell show. 

At the PROGRESS World Cup, 8 of the top talents in Britain will compete for the glory of their respective nations... with the added prize of a shot at the PROGRESS Championship for the tournament winner!

Competing will be: 
Paul Ryker - Canada
Noam Dar - Israel 
Grado - Scotland 
Rampage Brown - England 
Tommy End - The Netherlands
Darrell Allen - Jamaica 
RJ Singh - India 

Jimmy Havoc issues open challenge which is accepted by Finn Balor in last UK appearance before WWE!





Progress Wrestling Chapter Six -

Filmed at The Garage, Islington on Sunday 31st March 2013,


featuring Dave Mastiff vs Noam Dar

Paul Robinson vs MK McKinnan (Natural Progression Series)

Nathan Cruz vs Jimmy Havoc

London Riots vs Hunter Brothers

Loco Mike Mason vs Mexican Eagle

Team DEFEND vs Bhangra Knights

El Ligero vs Ricochet




Progress Wrestling Chapter Nine -

Filmed live at The Garage, Islington on Sunday September 29th 2013:


Dave Mastiff vs Tommy End

Eddie Dennis vs Paul Robinson

Ricochet vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Mark Haskins

Stixx vs Nathan Cruz

Bhangra Knights and Grado vs Project Ego and T-Bone

Rampage Brown vs Doug Williams




Progress Wrestling Chapter Ten -

Filmed at The Garage, Islington on Sunday November 24th 2013


Mikey Whiplash vs Tommy End

Project Ego vs Mad Man Manson and Grado

Nathan Cruz vs Doug Williams

Mark Haskins vs Adam Cole

Bhrangra Knights vs London Riots

Rampage Brown vs Stixx

Mark Andrews vs Paul Robinson (Natural Progression Series Final)




Progress Wrestling Chapter 12 -

Filmed at The Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday March 30th 2014


Paul Robinson vs Tommy End

Grado vs Mad Man Manson

Will Ospreay vs Zack Gibson

Bhangra Knights vs London Riots (Street Fight)

FSU vs Project Ego vs Screw Indy Wrestling

Doug Williams vs Dave Mastiff

Jimmy Havoc vs Marty Scurll vs Rampage Brown vs El Ligero





Progress Wrestling Chapter 13 -

Chapter 13: Unbelievable Jeff! Filmed live at The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London on Sunday 18th May 2014.

Rampage Brown vs Darrell Allen

Pete Dunne vs Robbie X

Eddie Dennis vs Michael Gilbert

Swords of Essex vs London Riots vs Project Ego vs Screw Indy Wrestling

El Ligero vs Tommy End

Prince Devitt vs Zack Sabre Jr

Jimmy Havoc vs Mark Andrews (Ladder match)




Progress Wrestling Chapter 16 -


Filmed at The Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday November 30th 2014


FSU vs Screw Indy Wrestling (Tag Team Titles match)

Zack Gibson vs Ali Armstrong (Natural Progression Series semi-final)

El Ligero vs Michael Gilbert (Street Fight)

Stixx vs RJ Singh (Career vs Career)

Paul Robinson vs Will Ospreay

Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar

Jimmy Habvoc vs Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff (PROGRESS Title match)




Progress Wrestling Chapter 17 -


Flmed at the Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday January 25th 2015.

Mark Andrews vs Eddie Dennis (Tag Team Titles match)

Rampage Brown vs Mark Haskins

El Ligero vs Marty Scurll

Tommy End vs Dave Mastiff

Paul Robinson vs Noam Dar

Zack Gibson vs Flash Morgan Webster (Natural Progression Series final)

Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay (PROGRESS Title match)



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