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W3L Wrestling Showdown - 1 Year Anniversary - PR for online fans


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About the World Wide Wrestling League:


The World Wide Wrestling League (W3L) has been developing for over 10 years into an independent wrestling organisation focusing on the family audience.



This year we promoted over 30 live wrestling events across Scotland and England

The W3L features larger than life Wrestling Personalities that make our events a fantastic experience for all ages. We feature home grown performers such as Nathan Reynolds, El Technico, Morado, Lucian Maynard Smith, Sara, Euan G Mackie, Danny Boy Rodgers, Taylor Bryden, Kevin Williams and more.


W3L has also featured many stars that would be recognisable to the wider, more adult based wrestling audience including Scottish Sensation Grado. Whilst we do not focus on “imported” wrestlers, we do recognise that the inclusion of special guests not only widen our audience and add variety to our events but also provide some valuable additional experience when interacting with our own wrestlers.


When selecting our guest wrestlers we have been proud to showcase some of the most experienced veteran British performers including World Of Sport stars such as Blondie Barratt, Johnny Kidd, Robby Brookside and the late Drew McDonald.


The W3L aims to continue expanding, running more live events and presenting our product to a larger audience.


About W3L Wrestling Showdown:


With our key market – the family audience – in mind, W3L launched its own Youtube channel, The W3L Network. Easy to remember and a familiar concept for younger fans to digest given the service pushed by the industry leader.


The centre piece of the W3L Network is our weekly webcast – W3L Wrestling Showdown.

Showdown was launched for two purposes. Firstly to allow existing fans to follow our wrestlers between our visits to their local area, hopefully furthering brand awareness and loyalty to our product.

The second purpose is to make our product available to sample for the wider wrestling audience (wrestling enthusiasts) who follow the sport of wrestling through the internet.


Given our focus on being a viable touring promotion and the lack of revenue attached to webcasts on youtube the weekly webcast is a one angle shoot with commentary and a weekly studio introduction. Our DVD range however is produced with two higher quality camera’s and edited fully. Trailers for our DVD’s are available to view on the W3L Network.


W3L Wrestling Showdown Celebrates One Full Year! -


#W3LWrestlingShowdown #Showdown1YA


Since December 7th 2014, Sunday’s have meant one thing for W3L fans and that is a new edition of W3L Wrestling Showdown


This past Sunday we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the program, which is available to view Free of charge every Sunday on www.W3LNetwork.com


If you haven’t seen this weeks edition yet, please do CHECK IT OUT in the W3L Wrestling Showdown VIDEO ARCHIVE.


Relive the action as all three W3L Championships where defended on Showdown this week -

  • Leah Owens defended the W3L Womens Championship against Carmel Jacob in a Wrestlution IX rematch.
  • The Contingency Plan defended the Tag Team Championship against the team of Kevin Williams and Jason Reed.
  • The huge news coming from the Showdown 1 Year Anniversary is that we have a NEW W3L Heavyweight Champions as Joe E Legend emerged victorious in a Fatal 4 Way contest as Reynolds defended against Legend, Mike Musso and Contingency Plan member Darkside James Scott.
  • Legend’s victory, ending Nathan’s record breaking reign, came at a heavy price for beloved Wrestling Showdown host The Wizard. Wizard, who was performing ringside duties, became involved in the action as he tried to stop Legend from taking the Championship Belt from his time keepers position (Wizard is in charge of the bell and holding championship titles when matches are in progress). Furious with the interruption, Legend callously drove Wizard into the ring post resulting in Wizard sustaining neck injuries and being assessed at the local medical facilities. The distraction of Reynolds and our referee was all Legend needed to take Nathan’s title with a bit of help from the title belt itself!

Wizard has been fitted with a collar to prevent further injury and hopes to be back in the Showdown studio soon. To send your well wishes to the Wizard please take to twitter and use the hash tag #GetWellWizard.


Joe E Legend is the new W3L Heavyweight Champion but management have stated that a full investigation has been launched into the new champions conduct in striking a non wrestler. The only way to find out what happens next is to “hit the subscribe button” on www.W3LNetwork.com and “never miss an edition” of W3L Wrestling Showdown


All eyes now turn to the W3L Network and future editions of W3L Wrestling Showdown as fans wait to find out what the future holds in W3L with the well travelled Canadian as the reigning Champion – surely a rematch will be in the immediate future for Reynolds – and of course, will the new champion face consequences for his actions that lead to him winning the Championship.


You can keep up to date with all the happenings in W3L by following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/W3LWrestling) , TWITTER (@W3LWrestling) and through our website W3LWrestling.com – where we currently have a full week by week guide for Wrestling Showdown available to view. http://w3lwrestling.com/blog/2015/12/11/and-new-w3l-heavyweight-champion/

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Just a quick bump to this thread.......


Another great week to start following W3L Wrestling Showdown as 2 popular stars square off for the W3L Heavyweight Championship this week -


Joe E Legend defends against Grado - https://youtu.be/JdZjNTp3Oyw


If you like the show please support us by hitting the subscribe button and sharing the content.


A new edition of Showdown is available every Sunday from www.W3LNetwork.com 

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