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Alpha Omega Wrestling presents Fightmare Before Christmas

Victor Is God

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Alpha Omega Wrestling presents Fightmare Before Christmas


Saturday December 5, Morecambe Winter Gardens, Morecambe, Lancashire


Alpha Omega Wrestling's debut show Revelation was a newsworthy event. For the first time in Morecambe Wrestling history, tag team and women's champions were crowned. A match for the vacant AOW-UK Title was set in stone. And an incredibly intense main event resulted in a standing ovation...for a draw. 


Now we move on to Fightmare Before Christmas where Stixx will battle Chris Ridgeway for the vacant championship in the main event.


STIXX vs CHRIS RIDGEWAY for the vacant Alpha Omega Wrestling Championship




As the founder of AOW-UK and the man who previously held the PAID Promotions Championship, Stixx was offered the AOW championship belt at Revelation by the company's 'Alpha Male' Stallion. But noble Stixx refused to accept the belt, preferring to win it in a match. This brought out Greg 'The Truth' Lambert and his new charge Chris Ridgeway, the man who ended the Morecambe wrestling career of Stixx's friend El Ligero, who said that if Stixx didn't want the title...they'd take it! Ridgeway then laid Stixx out with a low kick, leading to a challenge...Stixx vs Ridgeway for the vacant championship at Fightmare Before Christmas.



JOHNNY PHERE vs CRAIG KOLLINS II - Three Phases of Phere Match




At Revelation, Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins beat each other to a pulp in a phenomenal main event. After all kinds of hard hitting moves inside and outside the ring, both men went crashing through a table when Phere delivered a top rope superplex to Kollins. With neither man moving, referee Rob Sharpe waved the match off and declared it a draw, with nothing settled. This led to Johnny Phere making a challenge for a unique best of three falls rematch at Fightmare Before Christmas. The first fall, a Submissions Match. The second fall, Falls Count Anywhere. The final fall if required, Last Man Standing. It's not three stages of hell...it's Three Phases of Phere! And if their first match is any measuring stick, this will be something special.


BIG SEXXXY vs THE REFERENDUM for the AOW-UK Tag Team Championship




The unlikely duo of Sexy Kev and Mr Big Shaun Vasey teamed up for the first time at Revelation and scored a shocking upset victory over The Referendum, handing the Scottish Superpower their first ever loss. The fall out from this has been nothing short of sensational. Infuriated by a fast count, The Referendum beat the hell out of AOW-UK senior referee Charles Nelson Riley after the match, their leader Laird Grayson smashing the hapless official repeatedly in the spine with chair shots. Since Revelation, it has been announced that Riley has had to retire due to injuries sustained. Grayson is now serving an indefinite suspension for his actions. But as Riley admitted that he did count fast due to overexcitement on the night, Stallion has been left with no choice but to order this rematch. As always, anyone from the deep talent pool in Scotland could turn up on the night to represent The Referendum. But for the first time during their year-long reign of terror, The 45% won't have Grayson at their side.


The ruthless Referendum has also sacrificed the man who took the fall at Revelation, poor Scott Renwick.



VIPER v NIKKI STORM v LANA AUSTIN for the AOW-UK Women's Championship




At Revelation, Viper won a Gauntlet Match to become the first ever Women's Champion, lastly defeating the plucky Lana Austin who had earlier pinned three different opponents. Lana has battled Viper for most of the past year and is yet to beat her, but gets closer each and every time. Many believe the talented Manchester lass deserves a one-on-one match for the title. But instead, the devious Nikki Storm has wormed her way into the title picture, making this a three-way. As both Nikki and Viper are members of The Referendum, this could turn out to be little more than a glorified handicap match. But there has been notable tension between Storm and Viper in the past, so you never know...


The suspended Laird Grayson didn't seem all that impressed with Viper's title win at Revelation.







Cyanide had been bullied by CJ Banks and Bubblegum for months. For some reason, the massive Toxic Terror dutifully took the abuse and did the bidding of the dastardly pair. That is, until the monster finally snapped at Revelation. Now with CJ Banks banned from the building for the night, Cyanide gets his chance to get his hands around Bubblegum's scrawny neck.


Prior to Fightmare Before Christmas, AOW-UK interviewer Evil Lewis Penney conducted the first ever sitdown interview with Cyanide, to find out why he put up with Banks and Bubblegum for so long.



Banks and Bubblegum also gatecrashed The Horse's Mouth interview segment with Stallion.









At PAID Promotions' last ever show in August, Vendetta, Barricade put Joey Hayes through a merchandise table at the bidding of his 'Leader' James Drake. At Revelation, Hayes' best friend Danny Hope got a measure of revenge when he pinned 'The Follower'. Now Joey is back looking to fight alongside Danny and settle the score with both Drake and his dutiful hired help.


Doors 6pm (VIP ticket holders allowed in early for meet and greet at 5.30pm)


Tickets available from www.aowuk.com and are cheaper bought by Paypal in advance.

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We've had a 31 hour power cut in Morecambe with no internet access so sorry for the delay in bringing you these results!


Joey Hayes and Danny Hope defeated James Drake and Barricade

Cyanide pinned Bubblegum in less than two minutes

Craig Kollins defeated Johnny Phere in an outstanding Three Phases of Phere match. Phere won the submissions-only fall, Kollins equalised winning the Falls Count Anywhere fall, then Kollins won the deciding Last Man Standing fall. After the match Kollins offered his hand to Phere and 'The Psychotic Warrior' shook it.

Big Sexxxy (Mr Big Shaun Vasey and Sexy Kev) retained the AOW Tag Team Titles by disqualification after a masked man hit the ring and attacked Kev, then revealed himself to be the suspended leader of The Referendum Laird Grayson.

Viper retained the AOW Women's Title defeating Nikki Storm and Lana Austin in a three way

Stixx won the vacant AOW Championship by pinfall over Chris Ridgeway (managed by Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) in a superb match

After the match, Joe Hendry ran in and attacked Stixx. It looks like Hendry will be Stixx's first challenger.

The next show is Outbreak on January 23 at the Winter Gardens

Great show, thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come out and support Alpha Omega Wrestling.

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