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Books for sale....


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Hi all,


I have a load of books for sale as I'm running out of space in my bookcase:


Kurt Angle - It's True (Hardback)

Larry Matysik - The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time

Dutch Mantell - The World According to Dutch

Terry Funk - More Than Just Hardcore

Tim Hornbaker - Legends of Pro Wrestling

James Dixon - All or Nothing (the story of 1PW)

Eric Bischoff - Controversy Creates Cash

Arnold Furious - Big Arn's Puroresu Adventure 2014: First Navigation

Danie Bryan - Yes! (Hardback)

R.D. Reynolds - The Death of WCW 10th Anniversary Edition

Larry Matysik - Drawing Heat the Hard Way

Mark James - Memphis Wrestling History Presents 1982

Ronda Rousey - My Fight, Your Fight (Hardback)


All are either brand new unread, or read once, in excellent condition. PM me if you are interested, and we can talk prices etc.



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