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WrestleForce Halloween special, Leighton Buzzard, October 31st


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WrestleForce brings another action packed show to the Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre! And this is no ordinary show, this is a Halloween special extravaganza that the whole family can enjoy!

Fort one night only the athletes of WrestleForce will face the frightening creatures of the night from the very depths of the abyss itself! Will the monsters keep coming back from the dead and prove to be unstoppable? Or will the heroes, with the support of the fans, find the strength to overcome the power of darkness?

When the flood gates of hell are ripped open, anything can happen! Buy your tickets now and experience the fright of your life!

Book your tickets now by calling 0300 300 8125

Or online at: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/leisure/leighton-buzzard-theatre/whats-on.aspx

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The card:

'Lightning' Lewis Howley vs Barry Ryan

Two of the best, if not the best, wrestlers to come out of the Dropkixx Academy in Essex will go one on one!

Lewis Howley has had a break out year wrestling all over the country and against some of the biggest names whilest Barry has lately entered the world of MMA in addition to recently winning the Championship at Dropkixx.

We've seen some supurb technical matches on WrestleForce shows featuring these two, and this will be no different!

Major Air vs Kai Payne

This next match promises to be, as Major Air's name suggests, a high flying spectacle! These two youngsters will oth be wrestling in their home town on this night! They've trained extensively with one another and know each other's moves and strategies very well.

Peace vs Paul McSherry

Paul McSherry attakced Peace at the live event in Witham and laid him out with a brutal F5! Peace will certainly not want to succumb to another of those and will be employing all his evasive manbeuvers and agility to making sure that he won't!

Ever resiliant, Peace hung in there and always kept at it even after an abysmal losing streak during his 1st year with WrestleForce. He's come on leaps and bounds since then and picked up impressive victories, but is he ready to slay the brutal powerhouse from Milton Keynes that is Paul McSherry?

Halloween tag team special:

Don Pedro & 'The Whizz Kid' Lance Lawrence vs DOA & Sam Steel.

Though a Witch doctor, Don Pedro is one of the special Halloween attractions fighting in the good corner on this evening as he teams with someone who will look very at home on Halloween with his costume, The Whizz Kid: Lance Lawrence.

The evil and dark sided team of DOA and Sam Steel will be more powerful than ever on Halloween night itself! Don Pedro will need to cast some strong spells and Lance Lawrence will need to use all the super hero like maneuvers in his arsenal to survive this one!

Can our heroes banish the forces of darkness, or will darkness... PREVAIL!!!!

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The Whizz Kid Lance Lawrence defeated Don predro by disqualification when DOA attacked Lance.

'Lightning' Lewis Howley defeated Ryan Albright to win the Jon Ritchie Sportsman Championship

The Peace Kids (Oliver Peace & Lance Lawrence) defeated DOA and Don Pedro in a falls count anywhere match

Kai Payne defeated Major Air

'The Whizz Kid' Lance Lawrence won the Halloween battle royal!

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