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wrestling update 04/08/2015 new arrivals


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WCW Timeline 1994 w/ Eric Bischoff 1 disc
YouShoot w/ Rikishi 1 disc
The Headhunters Shoot Interview 1 disc
Greg Gagne Shoot Interview 1 disc
"Miss Texas" Jacqueline Shoot Interview 1 disc
Back to Business: Nick Gage- King of Ultraviolence Shoot Interview 1 disc
Ken Shamrock: The Greatest Fight documentary 1 disc
Ultimate Hardcore Interviews Vol. 1 & 2 2 discs
Diva Diaries w/ ODB 1 disc
Best Friends w/ Joey Ryan 1 disc
Diva Diaries w/ Candice LeRay 1 disc
Joey Ryan & Candice LeRay Special Shoot Interview 1 disc
Jim Cornette Wrestling A to Z 2 discs
ECW Timeline 1996 w/ Raven 1 disc
10 Years of Carnage doc 1 disc
American Wolves Shoot Interview 1 disc
hardcore Legacy - "The Madhouse of Extreme" Elks Lodge Queens, NY hosted by Shane Douglas 1 disc
CZW Uncut: Blk Jeez Shoot Interview & Compilation


i have more titles that are not on ukff classifieds so if want more details pvt me. or just send me your email and ill add you to mailing list.


i have over 215 people on mailing list and being added each and every week.

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