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I've got the following


Spring Stampede 1999

Hogwild 1996

Great American Bash 1996

Spring Stampede 2000

Bash at the Beach 1995

Uncensored 1999

Starrcade 1984

Great American Bash 1989 - 2 disc


Also Great American Bash 1988 & Clash of the Champions 19/11/91 on the same disc.


I'll do all 10 discs for £20 shipped.


£3 each

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I have...

pre recorded either from vhs master or PPV

Slamboree 1996 

Bash At The Beach 2000 

Souled Out 2000

Fall Brawl 2000 [ppv]

Great american Bash 2000 



Uncensored 1998

Best Of WCW/nW0 Vol 2 Fall Bravel/Uncensored x2 

WCW Best Of The 90's 

SuperBrawl VIII 

Bash At The Beach 1995 [NTSC} 

WCW/nWo Superstar Series Vol 1 

Souled Out 2000

Uncensored 1998 [NTSC}

Bash At The Beach 99 

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