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Elite British Wrestling - Brawl in the Hall 2015

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Elite British Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match: "Solid" John Green © vs King Dangerous
MAYDAY MAYDAY 2015 saw a chaotic encounter between the reigning EBW Heavyweight Champion "Solid" John Green and the King of EBW King Dangerous, a match made all the more complicated and tense thanks to the presence of the "King's Court", the loyal followers of King Dangerous, intent upon furthering the cause of their liege regardless of the rulebook.
Despite that, the match itself was a meeting of perhaps two of the most talented and accomplished individuals on the EBW roster, a showcase of both the supreme talent of King Dangerous and above that the athleticism possessed by John Green to meet that talent and still manage to come out on top.
At Brawl in the Hall 2015, they will meet again, and you can be sure that the very same challenges posed by The King's Court will dog the ringside with their presence, whilst the champion is stalked inside the ropes by a monarch who is ever more determined to add the Heavyweight title to his impressive collection of crown jewels.

Elite British Wrestling Catch Championship Match: El Ligero vs "The Iceman" Sam Goodison ©
For many fans, "The Iceman" Sam Goodison is the man whom they simply love to hate, as he sneers at one challenger after the next, arrogantly dismissing them as beneath him and then rushing to take every advantage to be gained from the ringside distractions provided by his ever-present valet, Danielle Phoenix.
But at Brawl in the Hall 2015, the Iceman will be forced to put his beloved title on the line against an opponent who has seen such tricks many times before, a true journeyman in British wrestling, "The Mexican Sensation" El Ligero, who will be making his long anticipated debut in EBW.
Not only will this be a meeting of two great talents, but also the surest test of Goodison's skills to date, as El Ligero possesses both the grappling knowledge to match the Iceman move for move and the experience to anticipate his infamously opportunistic tactics to take a short-cut to the win.

Singles Match: "Mean Machine" Mark Sanders vs Antonio "The Promise" Thomas
On an incredible roll of victories since his defeat of former WWE Superstar and PCW Champion "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters back in February, "Mean Machine" Mark Sanders has attracted the attention of one prominent name in the British wrestling industry after another, overcoming "The Warrior" Paul Malen, "The Hardcore House of Pain" Stixx and "The Chosen One" Joseph Connors in a series of hard-fought encounters.
It was only a matter of time before word of this sensational streak spread further abroad, however, and now a new challenger has appeared on the scene, intent upon ending this run of success and thus earning himself a name in the U.K. as a force to be reckoned with.
Antonio "The Promise" Thomas is no stranger to the big time, having been a part of "The Heart Throbs" tag team in both the WWE and TNA. But now he seeks to stand out in singles competition, and the Mean Machine's unbeaten streak is most definitely on the line as he does so.
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Elite British Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match: The Hot Blooded Males © vs Sudden Impact vs Tommy Gunn & Chase Alexander


Is there trouble in paradise? Are the cracks finally starting to show? At MAYDAY MAYDAY the plan was quite simply for the thus far dominant Elite British Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Hot Blooded Males to walk out on both the matinee and evening shows to defend their titles. But from their own point of view at least, everything went horribly wrong when "Ryvacious" Ryan Lee found his shoulders pinned to the mat for a three count by the team of Joey D and "The Extraordinary" Caleb Crow.


Rocked to the core by this unexpected loss, their manager Nick Mason went into a frenzy of scheming, which culminated in his getting them inserted into what should have been Joey D and Caleb Crow's first defence of their newly won titles against "The Romanian Sniper" Radu Bulat and Sabotage. In the chaos that ensued, The Hot Blooded Males once again made good use of both their in-ring skills and willingness to bend the rules in order to sneak a victory and walk away with the belts.


But now an unpleasant memory from their recent past has returned in the form of Sudden Impact, the rookie sensation tag team who believe that they were never granted a fair shot at those same belts thanks to the tricks of the Hot Blooded Males and their ever-present manager. If a newly formed team the likes of Joey D and Caleb Crow managed to catch the champions so spectacularly off guard, surely the same is possible for one as familiar and well honed as Sudden Impact?


One challenger would have been enough to make The Hot Blooded Males and their manager sweat, but how about two? Added to this match is the team of Tommy Gunn and Chase Alexander, newcomers to EBW and both unknown quantities as they go into this encounter. Little is known about this tandem at the time of writing, and some have speculated that this is a deliberate ploy on behalf of Gunn and Alexander, who in contrast have made a close study of The Hot Blooded Males.


Either way, the champion's grip on the belts has never looked so precarious, and Brawl in the Hall 2015 could see the façade of the Hot Blooded Males finally crumble away to nothing in the face of their challengers.

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