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My Idol app


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Social media does sometimes have its moments, I mean yeah it allows people in regions of unrest to unite as one and other stuff like that. Though it's real shining moment is when something like this comes along.


For those who have an iPhone and want to turn themselves into an avatar who does stupid poses, here's your chance!!




Click the "Chinese iPhone app" in the article I linked and it will take you to the App Store and then download it, the app is entirely in Chinese but it's fairly simple to figure it all out.


You can dress yourself up, put yourself in a ridiculous amount of different videos, Including yourself pole dancing! I have no idea how to do videos on here, so if a smarter person ends up doing it than great. Is it even possible to attach videos from your phone? The forum needs to see me pole dancing in a tight red dress!


Anyway, here is me as a hipster


fotos kostenlos


Me as the creepy guy in the neighbourhood


fotos hochladen




Me always remembering to smell the rose


bilder kostenlos hochladen


And me looking cool as fuck!!!


bilder uploaden


This may well be the epitome of a Sunday "Can't get back to sleep" thread.


P.s. I'm not gay...

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