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IPW:UK Shows 2! DVD


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Offical DVD. No case just the disc.


Date: Sunday, 21st November 2004
Location: Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent
Matches from "IPW:UK Show 2!"

    1 - Cabritro vs. Hombre del Veilo
    2 - Samurai vs Flaming Red
    3 - Assassin, Jed Masters & Stevie Knight (w/ Charming Don Charles) vs Majik, Phil Powers & Tony Sefton
    4 - Aviv Maayan vs Drew Galloway (w/ Charles Boddington)
    5 - Steve Douglas vs Leon Lionheart
    6 - Paul Travell vs Flaming Red vs Sexxxy Eddy in a no rules three-way match
    7 - Robbie Brookside (w/ Steve Douglas) vs The International Man Of Mystery (w/ Miss Amy) in a World of Sport rules match


£3 inc postage.

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