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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents Love and War - Feb 15

Victor Is God

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The day after Valentine's Day, there's going to be one hell of a war as 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx challenges 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins for the PAID Promotions Championship.




Stixx walked back into PAID Promotions Wrestling as the leader of the Alpha Omega movement. He promised the Morecambe fans he would deliver on his mission - to rid Morecambe of the tyrant majority shareholder Greg 'The Truth' Lambert. After the events of Fightmare Before Christmas when Lambert's team lost to Stixx's team, then the megalomaniac Truth was dragged out of the building and dumped in a plant pot on Morecambe seafront, it appears 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' has made good on his vow. Lambert has since tweeted that he's so offended by his treatment, he's going into exile and will not appear at PAID Promotions events for the foreseeable future...


VIDEO: WATCH Stixx and Team Alpha Omega evict Greg 'The Truth' Lambert at Fightmare Before Christmas.



Now Stixx has made a new vow, that on February 15 he will capture the PAID Promotions Championship from the prodigiously talented young champion, Lambert's client, 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins. But Kollins has made his own promise, that on February 15 he will etch his name in history by ending the most fabled undefeated streak in British wrestling, Stixx's SEVEN long years undefeated run in Morecambe known as The Stixx Streak. It's Title vs Streak. Stixx has never won a singles title in Morecambe. But Kollins has never beaten Stixx. At Love and War, something has got to change...


Also on February 15 at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe, former friends turned bitter enemies collide when Ricky J McKenzie takes on Bubblegum.




Bubblegum has turned to the dark side at RJM's expense. After turning on McKenzie at Remember, Remember, 'The Rascal' brought in his 'big brother' Tyson T-Bone to help him lay out McKenzie with a spike piledriver on a chair at Fightmare Before Christmas. Bubblegum has since admitted he stabbed RJM in the back because McKenzie defeated him in the Golden Chance Tournament, depriving Bubblegum of an opportunity to earn a title shot. After RJM challenged Bubblegum to a match, the Man City-loving urchin was only too happy to agree...as long as his ban on title shots is lifted should he win. 


VIDEO: WATCH Bubblegum respond to RJM's challenge in his first interview since turning on RJM and the Morecambe fans.



The feud between The Referendum and The Models will escalate at Love and War when Laird Grayson finally steps back into the ring alongside fellow Scots Liam Thomson and Carmel Jacob in a six-man inter-gender match against 'Delicious' Danny Hope, Joey Hayes and Lana Austin.




First, there was Wolfgang, BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier. Then Bobby Roberts, Viper and Scott Renwick joined the cause. Next, came Steven Miles, Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray. And now Laird Grayson has called on the services of Liam Thomson and Carmel Jacob. The Referendum, led by the outspoken Grayson, is on the verge of dominating PAID Promotions, as the legion of Scots rallying to the side of 'The 45%' continues to grow. Can the fun-loving Danny Hope, former PAID Promotions Champion Joey Hayes and Lana Austin, who suffered a beating and a burial under the Scottish flag at Fightmare Before Christmas, take down the Scottish super-stable at Love and War?


VIDEO: Watch Laird Grayson and Referendum members Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm explain why 'The 45%' is more than just a group, it's a nation.



Finally at Love and War, 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh and 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey will square off in a tables match.




This match should have happened at Fightmare Before Christmas, but DDL was forced to withdraw when his son was taken ill. Far from the sympathetic type, Shaun Vasey took out his frustrations on none other than Santa Claus, interrupting The Morecambe Raffle by attacking Santa and in a heinous act, put him through a table! Vasey has already put DDL through a table at the end of their contract signing at Remember, Remember, and the 6ft 5in Giant for Hire is clearly a dangerous and violent opponent who will stop at nothing to gain a victory over the veteran on February 15. But DDL is out for revenge and while 'Mr Big' may have the advantage in size and power, Leigh definitely has the edge in experience. This is a fight to the finish, where the winner is the first man to put his opponent through a table!


VIDEO: Watch 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey put Father Christmas through a table!



Generations will clash when Alpha Omega's El Ligero battles 'The Priority' Chris Ridgeway.




El Ligero has been flying high in the Morecambe rings for a decade. 'The Priority' Chris Ridgeway has only been competing in the town for just over a year. But ever since Ridgeway first set foot in PAID Promotions, he has been demanding this match. The vocal upstart has been telling anyone who will listen that he can beat El Ligero. But at both Remember Remember in a four-way bout, and in the eight-man elimination main event at Fightmare Before Christmas, Ridgeway was on the opposite side of the ring to Ligero, and it was the Mexican Sensation who got the better of things. Now 'The Priority' has got his wish - a one on one match with the man many people believe to be the best wrestler in the country. Experts say Ridgeway is the future. This is his chance to prove it.


In tag team action, the mammoth Cyanide will team with 'The Pound for Pound Best' CJ Banks against Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne.




On paper, Cyanide and CJ Banks should be the perfect team, the ultimate combination of power and skill. But it's crystal clear to observers, these two men don't get along. They fell out at Retribution when, despite a two-on-one edge in a handicap match against Ricky J McKenzie, they made a mistake and ended up losing the match. Then when Cyanide pulled out of the main event of Fightmare Before Christmas, when he was scheduled to be on the same team as Banks, CJ tweeted his displeasure by making a particularly nasty comment about Cyanide's fitness and his display on the recent TNA British Boot Camp show. However, they have been thrown together once again on February 15 for a tag team match against the talented young pairing of Smile and Dunne. Cover your eyes people. This might not be pleasant viewing.


PAID PROMOTIONS LOVE AND WAR, Sunday February 15, Morecambe Winter Gardens, Lancashire

The full card



'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins vs 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx for the PAID Promotions Championship


Ricky J McKenzie vs Bubblegum


The Referendum (Laird Grayson, Liam Thomson and Carmel Jacob) vs Danny Hope, Joey Hayes and Lana Austin


Dangerous Damon Leigh vs Mr Big Shaun Vasey in a tables match


El Ligero vs 'The Priority' Chris Ridgeway


CJ Banks and Cyanide vs Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne


The Sexy Raffle with Sexy Kev


AND The debut of 'The Global Hero' Joe Hendry as he hosts 'A Song For Greg'


Tickets available from www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk


Front row VIP tickets HAVE ALREADY SOLD OUT!


Adult, child and family tickets still available.

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What's going on between Greg 'The Truth' Lambert and rising Scottish star 'The Global Hero' Joe Hendry?


The two controversial men met at the TNA tapings last week in Glasgow, when Greg tweeted this photo, saying "The deal is done".


Indications are that Hendry might be at PAID Promotions Love and War on February 15.


More information to come.



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With Greg 'The Truth' Lambert refusing to appear in person at PAID Promotions events after what happened at Fightmare Before Christmas, The Truth has appointed somebody to appear on his behalf.


That somebody is The Truth's new official representative, 'The Global Hero' Joe Hendry.


And in 'The Global Hero's first act as Greg's representative, he is coming to Love and War next Sunday to sing A Song for Greg.


Joe said: "The Global Hero Joe Hendry will sing live on Valentine's weekend and I invite all the Morecambe wrestling fans to sing along...and show Greg 'The Truth' Lambert the love and appreciation he deserves."




See here for an exclusive video of how this business deal between 'The Global Hero' Joe Hendry and Greg 'The Truth' Lambert came about.


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PAID Promotions Love and War results


El Ligero pinned Chris Ridgeway

Stixx pinned Barricade in an unscheduled extra match

The Referendum (Laird Grayson, Liam Thomson and Carmel Jacob) defeated Danny Hope, Joey Hayes and Lana Austin

Dangerous Damon Leigh defeated Mr Big Shaun Vasey in a tables match

Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne defeated CJ Banks and Cyanide

Bubblegum upset Ricky J McKenzie

Stixx defeated Craig Kollins by disqualification in a lumberjack match when Johnny Phere returned and Ram Slammed both Stixx, then Kollins.

Kollins retains the PAID championship.


In other happenings...

The war between Alpha Omega and PAID Promotions went to a new level with rival wrestlers brawling during the main event


Joe Hendry appeared on the video screen 'live via satellite' and sang a song in support of the exiled PAID Promotions boss Greg 'The Truth' Lambert


Doug Williams was announced as the first ever inductee into the Morecambe Wrestling Hall of Fame and he will appear to accept the honour at the next show, War on the Shore, on Saturday April 18 at the Winter Gardens.

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Here are some photos from the show courtesy of Tony Knox.




El Ligero's victory over Chris Ridgeway was many people's match of the night. 'The Priority' continued to prove why he's one of the best newcomers on the British scene and tipped for great things. But, Ligero showed his experience by always being one step ahead and by scoring the victory with a rolling cradle. Defeat definitely angered the Barrow-in-Furness prodigy Ridgeway, who was screaming that he wants a rematch after his narrow loss.




Although Greg 'The Truth' Lambert is in exile, the boss of PAID Promotions still made his presence felt on the show. The evil mastermind appeared on the big screen and told his arch-rival Stixx that he would do everything possible to stop him from taking over the promotion with his Alpha Omega movement, and from winning the PAID Promotions Title. So Lambert made an unscheduled match between Stixx and Barricade. Not that this was much of a problem to a man who has been undefeated for seven years in Morecambe. 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' quickly pinned Barricade with a Stixx Bomb and refocussed on his prime goal for the evening, his main event title match with the PAID champ Craig Kollins.




Laird Grayson dipped into his endless pool of Scottish talent at Love and War, bringing in Liam Thomson and Carmel Jacob to help him in his six-person war with Danny Hope, Joey Hayes and Lana Austin. Although The Models and Lana dominated, Grayson showed that he will do anything to keep The Referendum undefeated as he rolled up Lana for the victory.




Dangerous Damon Leigh's battle with Mr Big Shaun Vasey spilled out all over the Grade II* listed Winter Gardens theatre and was an epic brawl, ending when DDL came back from a choke slam to catch Vasey in a crucifix bomb, planting him firmly through a table to win their tables match and gain revenge after months of 'Mr Big' having the upper hand in their rivalry.




One of the big talking points coming out of Love and War was the way CJ Banks treated his tag team partner Cyanide. The fans were in uproar at what appeared to be a nasty case of bullying from Banks towards the 360lb Toxic Terror. The Morecambe fans saw a new side of the giant, who looked vulnerable at the hands of Banks' verbal vitriol about his weight. Cyanide managed to stay focussed to dominate their tag match with Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne, until 'The Juice' demanded the tag and the glory. This backfired on Banks when he was pinned. Afterwards the crowd was baying for Cyanide to flatten CJ but instead, the behemoth stood there and took the abuse. 




Bubblegum got his ban on receiving PAID Promotions Title shots lifted after a controversial feet-on-the-ropes victory over Ricky J McKenzie. The super popular RJM had dominated their contest and looked absolutely furious at the outcome as Bubblegum basically picked his pocket.




The Morecambe Raffle became The Sexy Raffle with host Sexy Kev (pictured here with Master of Ceremonies Stallion), until a riled-up Shaun Vasey gatecrashed the party and gave The Sexy One a taste of a big boot to the face.




The main event was a classic, despite Greg Lambert's second big screen appearance of the night to stack the odds against Stixx by turning it into a lumberjack match, only with all the heels (wearing PAID Promotions shirts) as lumberjacks. Stixx and 'The One Man Riot' Craig Kollins hit each other with everything. Both kicked out of each other's biggest moves. Then the PAID crew put the boots to Stixx at ringside. The babyface dressing room emptied and the likes of Danny Hope, Joey Hayes and RJM raced out to even the odds in Alpha Omega shirts, driving the heels to the back. With the referee, Stixx and Kollins all down on the canvas, some familiar music hit. Back eight months after walking out on the promotion, was 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere. The Morecambe legend dished out a Ram Slam to both Stixx and then Kollins, then left. The result, Stixx the winner by DQ, but Kollins still the champ. Nothing settled. Stixx and Kollins both furious at Phere. War between Alpha Omega and PAID has been declared. But whose side is Johnny Phere on?



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