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PAID Promotions Wrestling: Remember, Remember - November 2

Victor Is God

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*Craig Kollins retains PAID British Title over Joey Hayes after Serenity interferes and joins The Riot Club

*RJM challenges Kollins to title match on November 2 but suffers brutal crowbar attack from champion and his gang

*Who is behind the mystery videos?

*Laird Grayson forms Scottish super-stable The Referendum

*Ryan Smile, Damian Dunne, Lion Kid, Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob tear house down on debuts

*Dave Mastiff to debut with PAID Promotions on November 2


PAID Promotions Retribution is in the history books and now it's full speed ahead to the next show at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe, Remember Remember.


Taking place on Sunday, November 2, the show has four matches signed already. They are:



'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins © vs Ricky J McKenzie




The hated Kollins and the super popular RJM's on-off rivalry dates back to 2013 and culminates on November 2 with a bitter battle for the British Championship. Two of British Wrestling's hottest rising young stars, both improving all the time, and both who have risen to the occasion consistently in the historic wrestling town of Morecambe over the past months to enhance their growing reputations. The violent and dangerous Kollins has done so by winning the British Championship at the age of 22 and successfully defending against more heralded and experienced challengers in Bubblegum and, last Sunday at Retribution, Joey Hayes. The spirited and powerful RJM has done it by defying the odds not only to win the Golden Chance Tournament in August and earn his title opportunity, but by surviving a two-on-one handicap match at Retribution where he once again defeated two men he'd beaten in that tournament, the mammoth Cyanide and the self-styled 'Pound for Pound Best' CJ Banks.


There is no doubt that Kollins and RJM hate each other, but The One Man Riot's manager, PAID Promotions majority shareholder Greg 'The Truth' Lambert, might just hate McKenzie even more. Lambert has never forgotten nor forgiven RJM's role in the heated XWA vs GPW war in Morecambe of 2012. The loathing Lambert has for RJM was once again shown on Sunday night when, after McKenzie ran in to save Joey Hayes from a brutal beatdown at the hands of the champion and Lambert's hired thug 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey, 'The Truth' orchestrated an even bigger assault on RJM by beckoning CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway down to join in, an attack which culminated in Kollins smashing McKenzie in the ribs with a crowbar. 


Meanwhile Lambert's gang - known as The Riot Club - swelled even more in numbers on Sunday night with the addition of beauty to go with its undoubted brawn and brains. Just as Joey Hayes seemed on the verge of regaining the PAID Title in a super-heated main event with Kollins, out came the femme fatale Serenity, who shocked the Winter Gardens audience - not to mention Joey - by planting an aggressive kiss right on his lips. This bought 'The One Man Riot', who had suffered two JKOs including one from the top rope, enough time to recover, smash a bewildered Hayes with an Asbo roaring elbow and pin him to retain the gold,


The calculating egomaniac Lambert openly says he's formed The Riot Club to "protect the best interests of Morecambe wrestling and the PAID British Championship" and boasts that his prodigy Kollins will hold the belt for as long as he wants. But RJM, despite tender ribs, seems a man with irresistible momentum of late. And don't forget The Riot Club was visibly rattled on Sunday night by a series of mystery videos which played on the screen at Retribution, videos which said: 'November 2: We're Coming'. So there is also the added intrigue of who might be coming to PAID Promotions on the night of November 2...and for what purpose.


Also signed for PAID Promotions Remember Remember...


Dave Mastiff vs CJ Banks




Two of Britain's best. Mastiff vs Banks. One on one. Need we say any more?


FOUR MAN MAYHEM - El Ligero vs Chris Ridgeway vs Damian Dunne vs Ryan Smile




Perennial Morecambe favourite El Ligero returns to do battle with the next generation of high-flyers in a four-way matchup. His opponents are 'The Upstart' Chris Ridgeway, a man who likes to keep in with the in-crowd in PAID Promotions, and two men whose trial match on Sunday was such a high-octane encounter that the fans yelled 'SIGN THEM BOTH!' afterwards, Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne.


CONTRACT SIGNING: Dangerous Damon Leigh and Mr Big Shaun Vasey




Also on November 2: 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and Dangerous Damon Leigh will have an in-ring contract signing for a match. These two men have been furious rivals ever since the 6ft 5in Vasey, The Riot Club's resident Giant for Hire, laid DDL out with a big boot in the aisleway at Era of Violence back in July. Then DDL gained a measure of revenge when he invaded Golden Chance in August and attacked Vasey before being dragged out of the arena by security. So their contract signing is bound to be a tense affair.


WOMEN'S DIVISION: Kasey Owens vs Viper




PAID Promotions began to establish a red-hot women's division at Retribution when Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob tore the house down. Now on November 2, the Northern Irish star Kasey Owens and Scotland's Viper will join the growing ranks of top female talent to grace the Morecambe ring.







After missing the last PAID Promotions show due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict, Bubblegum returns to Morecambe to face the massive Toxic Terror in a battle between two of Britain's best. Can Bubblegum put behind him the disappointment of losing to RJM in the Golden Chance Tournament, a loss which means he can never again receive a PAID Promotions Title shot? He's got his work cut out for him against The Manchester Monster.







The super popular Delicious Danny is back in a Morecambe ring and gunning for the man who put him out of action and out of the Golden Chance Tournament, the devious Scottish super-patriot Laird Grayson. Sparks are bound to fly if the King of the Catwalk gets his hands on the man who rules the 45%!



And we can also expect the return of PAID Promotions' new Scottish super-stable, The Referendum. The Referendum was formed on Sunday night when Ryan Grayson's much-heralded countdown clock hit zero and the outspoken Scottish patriot was assisted by three of Scotland's top wrestlers, Stevie Boy Xavier, BT Gunn and Wolfgang in defeating, and then destroying, young Tyler Bate. Afterwards, the Scottish contingent draped their flag over the fallen Bate, while the man who now wishes to be known as Laird Grayson promised a furious Winter Gardens crowd that on November 2 he would prove that The Referendum is not just a group...it's an entire nation. 




REMEMBER REMEMBER: Sunday, November 2 2014
The Winter Gardens, Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 4BU
Doors 4pm, bell time 4.30pm
Tickets: Adults £9, Child £6, Family £25, VIP ringside £15 - if bought via Paypal in advance (Prices increase to adults £12, child £9 and family £36 on the door)
Tickets available www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk 
VIP gets you a front row seat and a meet and greet with a wrestler in the ring
Money raised will help towards the restoration of the Winter Gardens theatre
RESULTS from PAID Promotions Retribution, Sunday September 28 2014

Kay Lee Ray pinned Carmel Jacob with a Gory Bomb in a crowd pleasing opener




Ryan Grayson pinned Tyler Bate with the 45% (Skullcrushing Finale) after his Countdown to The Referendum clock hit zero and Scottish wrestlers BT Gunn, Stevie Boy Xavier and Wolfgang made a shock debut, coming out to cause a distraction. After the match Grayson's new stable, The Referendum, destroyed Bate and draped the Scottish flag over him. Afterwards Grayson told the crowd that at the next PAID show on November 2 the fans would discover The Referendum isn't just a group, but an entire nation...




Ricky J McKenzie upset Cyanide and CJ Banks in a handicap match after he pinned Banks with a TKO following a miscommunication between the heel team.




The Lion Kid pinned Chris Ridgeway with a moonsault in a strong match.




Ryan Smile pinned Damian Dunne with a top rope frog splash in an excellent match.




Mad Man Manson v Sexy Kev in a 'Battle of the Sexiest' was declared a draw by compere Stallion.




In the main event, Craig Kollins retained the PAID British Championship over Joey Hayes in an ultra heated battle after Serenity interfered. PAID Promotions' femme fatale came to the ring and got up onto the apron as Hayes appeared to have the match won then kissed Joey full on the lips, allowing Kollins to recover and hit Hayes with his Asbo elbow for the three count. Serenity has now joined forces with Kollins, his manager Greg 'The Truth' Lambert and 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and is now a member of The Riot Club.




After the match Kollins brought out a crowbar and was about to assault a fallen Hayes until RJM made the save. McKenzie then informed The Riot Club he was cashing in his guaranteed title shot at the next show on November 2. This brought out CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway, who joined with Kollins and Vasey in a brutal beatdown on RJM and Hayes. This only ended when a mysterious video played on the screen which said: 'November 2...we're coming.' The show ended with The Riot Club furiously demanding to know who was responsible for the mysterious video...



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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents Remember Remember, November 2, Winter Gardens, Morecambe - Results

El Ligero won a four-way match over Ryan Smile, Damian Dunne and Chris Ridgeway

Danny Hope called out Ryan 'Laird' Grayson who emerged with Scottish wrestlers Viper, Scott Renwick and Bobby Roberts, reminding Hope and the Morecambe fans that The Referendum is not just a group, it's a nation! Hope fought bravely but was beaten down by The Referendum and buried under the Scottish flag.

Cyanide pinned Bubblegum with a sit out power bomb

Dave Mastiff pinned CJ Banks after a senton splash

The Riot Club came to the ring and called out the mysterious Alpha Omega group who tormented them with mystery videos at Retribution. Nobody appeared. Craig Kollins then left and Dangerous Damon Leigh came out for his contract signing for a match with 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey. This heated confrontation ended with Mr Big choke slamming DDL through the contract signing table and Greg 'The Truth' Lambert informing Leigh the match on December 7 would be a tables match.

Viper pinned Kasey Owens after Laird Grayson interfered. Afterwards Danny Hope ran in with a chair to save Kasey from The Referendum. Hope then challenged Grayson to a tag match on December 7 and said he could bring anyone from Scotland to face himself...and Joey Hayes!

Bubblegum turned heel on Ricky J McKenzie after kicking him in the back of the head before RJM's scheduled main event title shot at the PAID Promotions Championship.

Ricky J McKenzie defeated Craig Kollins by disqualification. Kollins retains the PAID Championship. The concussed RJM was on the verge of an incredible comeback after suffering an early beating from 'The One Man Riot' when Chris Ridgeway, CJ Banks and Cyanide ran in to attack him, causing the referee to call for the DQ. The attack was interrupted when El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and finally STIXX emerged onto the stage wearing Alpha Omega T-Shirts! They cleared the ring and then Stixx informed Greg Lambert the whole reason for setting up the Alpha Omega group was to rid Morecambe Wrestling of The Truth once and for all, as Alpha signals a new beginning and Omega means the end of Greg 'The Truth' Lambert!

Stixx, Mastiff, Ligero and RJM v Kollins, Banks, Cyanide and Ridgeway has now been signed as the main event for Fightmare before Christmas at the Winter Gardens on Sunday, December 7. Tickets on sale now. The card will also include The Referendum vs Danny Hope and Joey Hayes, Dangerous Damon Leigh vs Mr Big Shaun Vasey in a tables match, and a women's four-way battle featuring the PAID Promotions debuts of Nikki Storm and Lana Austin - it's Storm vs Austin vs Viper vs Kay Lee Ray!

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