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PAID Promotions Wrestling Retribution: Sep 28, Morecambe

Victor Is God

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*Craig Kollins to defend British Championship against Joey Hayes on September 28

*Ricky J McKenzie wins Golden Chance tournament and now has guaranteed title match

*The Lion Kid, Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob, Tyler Bate, Sexy Kev, Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne to make Morecambe debuts at Retribution

*First ever PAID women's match between Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob


PAID Promotions Wrestling pulled the biggest crowd for a wrestling show in Morecambe for five years on August 31.

Three hundred fans packed into the Winter Gardens theatre for the first wrestling event at the historic venue in more than 40 years.




And after the turbulent climax to the Golden Chance show we now have a main event for PAID's return to the Winter Gardens on Sunday, September 28.



'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins (champion) vs Joey Hayes (challenger)




The reigning British Champion 'The One Man Riot' Craig Kollins will renew his rivalry with the former champion Joey Hayes as they clash on a night billed as Retribution!

It's clear that Hayes wants retribution for the controversial way Kollins ripped the championship from him on June 1. It was supposed to be the night that Joey shut the mouth of the manipulative manager and PAID Promotions majority shareholder Greg 'The Truth' Lambert once and for all, but instead turned into a nightmare for Hayes. Craig Kollins attacked Joey at the end of his one-sided bout with Lambert and destroyed his knee with a crowbar, enabling 'The One Man Riot' to cash in his Golden Chance Trophy and become champion - as it was revealed he and Lambert were in cahoots all along.


Joey made his return to PAID Promotions on August 31 for the first time since that night and made it clear he was back for one reason, a rematch with Kollins. But after Hayes defeated Chris Ridgeway in his comeback match, Kollins assaulted Joey yet again, knocking the Mancunian spark out with his vaunted ASBO elbow. The cackling Lambert then took great delight in informing Joey (pictured below) that he would never receive a title shot ever again.




But later that night in the Golden Chance Tournament final between Ricky J McKenzie and CJ Banks, with Lambert having stacked the odds firmly against the popular RJM by having him attacked and injured by 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and Cyanide, Joey Hayes managed to turn the tables. His revenge attack on Kollins at ringside caused a distraction enabling RJM to miraculously pin Banks, win his third match of the evening and lift the Golden Chance Trophy. An enraged Kollins then accepted Hayes' challenge, so now on September 28 the match is on!



Ricky J McKenzie vs Cyanide and CJ Banks





While the dangerous Kollins and the talented Hayes will be firmly focussed on each other, they of course also need to keep an eye on another factor...the fact that Ricky J McKenzie now has a guaranteed title shot that he can cash in any time within a six month period. If Kollins and Hayes beat each other to a pulp in an intense and dramatic battle, as expected, the aftermath could turn out to be the perfect opportunity for RJM to leave Retribution with the gold. 


But will RJM get this chance? McKenzie is preoccupied with a dangerous situation on September 28 as he has to deal with two of the men he defeated in the Golden Chance Tournament. RJM has been forced to battle his semi-final opponent Cyanide and his final victim CJ Banks in a two on one handicap match. McKenzie originally agreed to face Cyanide and Banks in a tag match with partner Bubblegum, the man he defeated in the first round of the August 31 tournament. But with Bubblegum having to withdraw from the show due to a double booking, the never-ending machinations of Lambert means that RJM will now have to go into a match with a mammoth monster and a vicious technician...all by himself.



The Lion Kid v Chris Ridgeway




A video played on the screen at Golden Chance informed the Morecambe fans that on September 28, a star of Dragon Gate UK will make his debut for PAID Promotions. None other than The Lion Kid will roar his way through the doors of the Winter Gardens and the high-flying youngster in the lion mask will no doubt be out to prove that he's king of the PAID jungle when he takes on The Upstart, Chris Ridgeway!


Check out this exclusive video of The Lion Kid. 



Carmel Jacob v Kay Lee Ray


Carmel Jacob and Kay Lee Ray are two of the best female wrestlers in Europe and on September 28, their intense rivalry is coming to Morecambe.



Tyler Bate v Ryan Grayson




Ryan Grayson had another bad night at Golden Chance. The outspoken Scotsman still hasn't won a match in Morecambe since he upset TNA's British Boot Camp winner RockStar Spud in February. His luck went from bad to worse on August 31 as he lost to Danny Hope and was eliminated from the Golden Chance tournament, then angrily fired his beautiful valet Serenity (pictured below).




The patriotic Scotsman seems more obsessed with his 'Countdown to The Referendum' than he is focussed on his wrestling career. Now Grayson is claiming that his countdown clock will hit zero on September 28 and when it does, he will never lose again and the Scottish people will be free. This is clearly a reference to the political climate in Scotland at the moment. Or is it? 


Grayson's opponent at Retribution, making his PAID Promotions debut, will be a young wrestler who calls himself the English Gentleman, Tyler Bate. Given Grayson's dislike for the English, and his political leanings, Bate is exactly the kind of opponent Grayson will relish facing. But can he end his losing streak or will the talented Bate show the Morecambe fans what he is capable of? And what exactly will take place when Grayson's Countdown to The Referendum clock runs out?



Mad Man Manson v Sexy Kev




He's sexy, he's called Kev, he's Sexy Kev. The Warrington muscleman is coming to PAID Promotions to square off with none other than Mad Man Manson in a 'Battle of the Sexiest'. We have no idea what this means.



Q2 - Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne v ?




The young UK tag team known as Q2 - Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne - round off the list of newcomers to PAID Promotions on September 28. But who will their opponents be?



Two notable absentees from PAID Promotions Retribution will be Dangerous Damon Leigh, who has been suspended by Greg 'The Truth' Lambert after he attacked 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey at Golden Chance, and Danny Hope, who has been left off the show 'for his own safety' after he was assaulted backstage at Golden Chance, forcing him to forfeit his semi-final match.


RETRIBUTION: Sunday, September 28 2014

The Winter Gardens, Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 4BU

Doors 4pm, bell time 4.30pm

Tickets: Adults £9, Child £6, Family £25, VIP ringside £15 - if bought via Paypal in advance (Prices increase to adults £12, child £9 and family £36 on the door)

Tickets available www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk 

VIP gets you a front row seat and a meet and greet with a wrestler in the ring

Money raised will help towards the restoration of the Winter Gardens theatre




RESULTS: PAID Promotions Golden Chance, Sunday, August 31, Winter Gardens, Morecambe


Golden Chance Tournament first round


Ricky J McKenzie pinned Bubblegum with a TKO. As a result, this means Bubblegum will never receive a PAID Promotions Title shot again, as stipulated by PAID Promotions majority shareholder Greg 'The Truth' Lambert, who was watching the show with PAID Promotions Champion 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins and his hired heavy 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey from a VIP balcony.


After the match, 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey attacked RJM with several chair shots to the ribs. Dangerous Damon Leigh, who was not booked on the show, ran through the crowd to attack Vasey. Lambert demanded that security eject DDL from the building as he was trespassing. As DDL was escorted from the venue, Vasey cheap shotted him from behind...which led to security dragging an infuriated DDL out of the venue, much to Vasey, Lambert and Kollins' amusement.


 Cyanide pinned Martin Kirby after a big splash

'Delicious' Danny Hope pinned Ryan Grayson after a super kick. After the match, Grayson angrily fired his valet Serenity.

CJ Banks pinned Kris Travis after a running knee.


In a non tournament match, Joey Hayes pinned Chris Ridgeway following a JKO. Craig Kollins then laid Hayes out with an ASBO roaring elbow. Lambert informed Hayes that he would never receive a title shot again either.


Golden Chance Tournament semi-final


CJ Banks defeated Danny Hope by forfeit when Hope did not emerge from the dressing room for the match.

RJM upset Cyanide by countout


Golden Chance Tournament final


RJM pinned CJ Banks after a TKO following interference from Vasey, Kollins and Joey Hayes, who attacked Kollins at ringside. McKenzie now has a guaranteed title shot which he can cash in at any time over the next six months.




After the match a furious Kollins accepted Hayes' challenge and they will face each other for the PAID Promotions Title at Retribution, back at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe, on Sunday, September 28.




Pictures by Tony Knox.

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Results from PAID Promotions Retribution at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe


Kay Lee Ray pinned Carmel Jacob with a Widow's Peak in a crowd pleasing opener


Ryan Grayson pinned Tyler Bate with the 45% (Skullcrushing Finale) after his Countdown to The Referendum clock hit zero and Scottish wrestlers BT Gunn, Stevie Boy Xavier and Wolfgang made a shock debut, coming out to cause a distraction. After the match Grayson's new stable, The Referendum, destroyed Bate and draped the Scottish flag over him. Afterwards Grayson told the crowd that at the next PAID show on November 2 the fans would discover The Referendum isn't just a group, but an entire nation...


Ricky J McKenzie upset Cyanide and CJ Banks in a handicap match after he pinned Banks with a TKO following a miscommunication between the heel team.


The Lion Kid pinned Chris Ridgeway with a moonsault in a strong match.


Ryan Smile pinned Damian Dunne with a top rope frog splash in an excellent match.


Mad Man Manson v Sexy Kev in a 'Battle of the Sexiest' was declared a draw by compere Stallion.


In the main event, Craig Kollins retained the PAID British Championship over Joey Hayes in an ultra heated battle after Serenity interfered. PAID Promotions' femme fatale came to the ring and got up onto the apron as Hayes appeared to have the match won then kissed Joey full on the lips, allowing Kollins to recover and hit Hayes with his Asbo elbow for the three count. Serenity has now joined forces with Kollins, his manager Greg 'The Truth' Lambert and 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and is now a member of The Riot Club.


After the match Kollins brought out a crowbar and was about to assault a fallen Hayes until RJM made the save. McKenzie then informed The Riot Club he was cashing in his guaranteed title shot at the next show on November 2. This brought out CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway, who joined with Kollins and Vasey in a brutal beatdown on RJM and Hayes. This only ended when a mysterious video played on the screen which said: 'November 2...we're coming.' The show ended with The Riot Club furiously demanding to know who was responsible for the mysterious video...


The next show is Remember, Remember on Sunday, November 2 at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe, featuring Craig Kollins v Ricky J McKenzie for the PAID Promotions Championship.

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