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1PW DVDs for sale


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Hi all,


I have the following 1PW DVDs for sale.


£3.50 per DVD (includes postage to UK)

I'm open to offers if you want more than 1 or indeed the whole shebang.


Sealed DVD Events

A Cruel Twist of Fate

Know Your Enemy 2007 Night 1

Know Your Enemy 2007 Night 2


Know Your Enemy 2006 Night 1

Know Your Enemy 2006 Night 2

Fight Club

Will Not Die

1PW TV E1 and E2


Unsealed DVD Events

To the Extreme Night 1

To the Extreme Night 2

Fully Charged

Fight For The Future

Blood, Guts & Flaming Tables


Interrogation/Up Close With DVDs

Southern Comfort

Sterling James Keenan

Rob Van Dam

Steve Corino

The Blue Meanie

Bret Hart


Fan Slam/Bret Hart

Cruel Twist of Fate Fan Conference






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