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[BLURAY] All Japan & New Japan TV Sets - UPDATED 10/13


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Continuing my wave of releases of BIG projects I've been working on, I to present my All Japan and New Japan Bluray sets. These have all been worked on off-and-on for about a year so I'm proud to finally get them out.

These sets are on dual layer Blurays and ship in multi disc cases with artwork. As with my other releases, these feature full, professional chapter menus. All commercials have been edited out and the starts/ends of each episode have been fixed up. All of the listings have been corrected and episodes are listed by broadcast date, to the best of my ability & knowledge. The updated listings will be available on my website.

Our DVDs and Blurays are NTSC and region free (except when noted), playable in any Bluray player.

All artwork & menus designed by truthofsin.



Here's a look at the AJPW menus:



Here's a look at the NJPW menus:



Due to the nature of preparing for a release of this magnitude, I am accepting payment on these now so I can get the first wave ready and rolling. They will be shipping as they are ready.

These will be available at RudoReels.com, but as a UKFF exclusive I will offer them here for a lower price until the initial wave is through. After that, they revert back to the normal pricing.

Three disc sets will be available for $35 plus shipping, normally $39.50 plus shipping. Two disc sets will be available for $25, normally $29.50 plus shipping. Bear in mind that these are being shipped from the United States so shipping will vary based on quantity of sets bought.

Now available:
AJPW 1985 (3 discs)
AJPW 1986 (2 discs)
AJPW 1987 (3 discs)
AJPW 1988 (3 discs)
AJPW 1990 (3 discs)
NJPW 1982 (2 discs)

NJPW 1984 (2 discs)

NJPW 1985 (2 discs)

Puting the final touches on these, available soon:
NJPW 1983 (2 discs)
NJPW 1986 (2 discs)
NJPW 1987 (2 discs)

The rest of the sets are in progress but these are the ones available or closest to availability at this time. I have other sets in progress or planned as well, so watch this space...always!

Please PM for more info.

By the way, I just want to make it clear that any of my Bluray sets are from DVD versions that were either VHS transfers, recorded direct to DVD, or are HD recordings direct from a set top box.

I do not convert junk/compressed download files to Bluray or DVD.

In the case of this set, there are a lot of episodes per disc because they are a standard-definition source and high-capacity discs are used.

Thought I would make this known in case anyone has any doubts.

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