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WrestleForce presents: Live Pro Wrestling, Thursday July 17th

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WrestleForce makes it's highly anticipated debut at The Tabernacle! Expect live explosive action, breathtaking stunts and captivating drama!


Featuring WF superstars like the powerhouse that is The Rage and newly crowned champion, the mysterious jester Jynx as they take on the dark dominant force that is The Cult, whose sole purpose is to destroy WrestleForce. Will the superstars survive, or will The Cult triumph and embellish their finest hour?


Find out by booking your tickets now at http://www.tabernaclew11.com/whats-on/even...the-tabernacle/ Share the event on your facebook timeline, like the WrestleForce page and tell your friends not to miss this epic event!



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'The Morning Star' SIRIUS vs Jynx ©


After seemingly appearing to be the 4th member of The Cult, Jynx shocked ‪#‎TheForce‬ at Goldrush when he unexpectedly clobbered The Cult leader Sirius around the head with his magically appearing cane and capturing the WrestleForce Championship.


The dark jester's deceitful and tactful mind games proved successful that night, but at The Tabernacle he'll have to face The Cult's seemingly unstoppable dominance again... Will the mysterious dark jester able to hold onto his title and spearhead the fight back for Wrestleforce? Or will July 17th just prove Goldrush was just a blip in the Cult's dominance...?

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The Rage vs Mason Reece:


Since The Cult stared their crusade against WrestleForce, The Rage has constantly been the No#1 target of their pure violence and brutality. On July 17th The Rage gets his chance for redemption, and what better way to do it , then to go head to head with International Champion Mason Rees.


Book your tickets now at http://www.tabernaclew11.com/whats-on/even...the-tabernacle/

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The Magnums open challenge.


The Magnums have quite the story of how they went from being eliminated in the 1st round of the tag team championship tournament to winning the tag team titles, which can be seen in this video:


For their 1st defense they've opened the gate to any two competitors on the WF roster to challenge them. Can their underhanded and crafty tactics sleaze them out of this situation, or will the team that answers the call dethrone them of their newly won tag team titles?





Charlie Garret vs Mr. Andrews


Making his debut on the 17th at The Tabernacle is promising upstart Charlie Garrett. Unfortunately for him he finds himself up against the monstrous Mr. Andrews in his 1st appearance.

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