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Season Sets and Compilations for Sale.....


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Hi all,


Having a bit of a clearance, and have the following available, 80p a disc delivered:





DVDVR Best of AWA (12)

Jon Moxley in IWA-MS (2)

Jon Moxley in CZW (6)

Jon Moxley in Evolve (1)

Ric Flair in WWF (5)

NWO in WWF (6)

The Shield Volume 1 (6)

Brock Lesnar Vol. 0 (NCAA Footage) (1)

Brock Lesnar in OVW (2)

Brock Lesnar in WWE (21)

Brock Lesnar in Japan (1)



Season Sets:


WWF Superstars 1993 (27)

WWF Superstars 1994 (27)

WWF Challenge 1993 (27)



PM if anything interests you.



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