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Fight Club: Pro - International Tekkers 2014 - Part 1

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The Hunters


The Calamari Catch Kings


The pride of Tipton will clash one more time with the duo of Chris Brookes and Jonathan Gresham. They have met before inside the cage and the result was a special tag team match for those in attendance. This time they have it all to fight for as the tag division in Fight Club: PRO heats up!

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Fight Club : PRO - International Tekkers 2014 Part 1 - Results


Triple Threat Match



Rich Swann vs. Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews


Swann wins.


An opener with all facets made the fans happy.


England vs . Holland


Trent Seven vs. Tommy End


End wins by submission.


A " Hard Hitting Match" , in which the protagonists gave all they had with strikes, kicks, forearms and Lariats and Submission Wrestling anything that makes the heart of a wrestling fans beats higher. The audience was " hot" .


Tag Team Match


The Hunter Brothers (Jim and Lee Hunter ) vs . Calamari Catch Kings (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham)


Calamari Catch Kings win. Brookes pins Jim Hunter.


An intense run tag team match , which was marked by many team moves and was borne by the humor and the cheers of the fans of both camps.


Main Event


MK vs. McKinnan . Johnny Gargano


McKinnan wins by pin after Knee Strike in the face.


The loudest match of the evening. There was a verbal battle of McKinnan fans against the Gargano fans that brought both fighters to go to their limits and make the most of their bodies.


The next event of Fight Club : PRO will take place on 05.02.2014 . The battle for the Tag Team Championship has already been announced between


The Hunter Brothers ( C) ( Jim Lee and Hunter) vs . Calamari Catch Kings ( Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham )

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Isn't the tag title match later in the year? Gresham said he was going back to the US but would be back in late 2014?


Correct. Nice to see the introduction of a Tag Title with the rising teams they are bringing in.


Great show on Friday! Shame i couldn't make the secret show on Saturday, Info is hard to come by as to what went down.


Bate & Moloney vs Dunne & Andrews announced for the next show.


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