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Wrestling clear out


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Hi peeps


Having a clear out of my wrestling collection sat here looking at my collection and don't know if I'm having a mid life crisis at the age of 34 or not but I don't have the time nor the desire to watch them any more they are all DVD R'S complete with covers.


Here are the list complete with prices.


Attitude era (3 disc )

Clash of the champions (3 disc )

Wcw nitro volume 1 (3 disc )

ECW unreleased volume 1 ( 3 disc )

CM Punk best in the world ( 3 disc )

Falls count anywhere ( 3 disc )

NWO the revolution ( 3 disc )

Bret hart the dungeon collection ( 3 disc )

Shawn Micheals heartbreak and triumph ( 3 disc )

Legacy of stone cold steve Austin ( 3 disc )

Rock most electrifying man In sports entertainment ( 3 disc )


ECW guilty as charged

TNA 50 greatest moments

TNA best of the X division volume 2


Various in your house events ask for details

Various wrestlemanias ask for details


All 3 disc sets are

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