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HEW Presents HEAVENS ON FIRE 2013 - Saturday June 29th

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HEW Heavens On Fire 2013 results:


1, King Kendo beat Scott Fusion.


2, Mitchell Starr beat Syd Parker.


3, Joey Ozbourne retained the SWA championship against Sam Knee by decision reversal after Knee accidentally avalanched referee Scott Edgar in the corner, Mal Mason continued to referee the match which ended when Sam Knee hit the DDT on Ozbourne for the 3 count and what we thought was a new Champion however Scott Edgar the original referee came to and disqualified Sam Knee and said he and Dave finch are sick of being mistreated in HEW and something will be done about it.


4, HELL VS. HELL Dominator beat Brett Meadows by submission.


5, Violet O'Hara beat HEW Womens Champion Sweet Saraya Knight when Referee Skarlett fast counted Saraya's shoulders down after the cat fight ensued this feud will be settled on September the 14th at Braintree Leisure Centre Sweet Saraya vs Skarlett for the HEW Womens Championship - LADDER MATCH!!!!


6, In his last Match at Takeley Ricky Knight beat Danny Blaze in a no disqualification Apology match. Ricky Knight received a standing ovation from the fans and wrestlers alike and was informed at Braintree for his final match in HEW against Tom Thumb, Ricky Knight will be the first ever inductee into the HEW Hall Of Fame.

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