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BWP Encore!


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Britannia Wrestling Promotions brings to you, BWP Encore! A monthly Youtube show for the fans of BWP, and British Wrestling, to be able to get backstage news, gossip, interviews and banter as well as looking at forthcoming Britannia Wrestling shows.


The first episode can be viewed HERE


Feedback is welcome, of course. However we will shotgun the criticism that the set is pants ... trial and error ... we do however, have plans in motion to improve this drastically in time for episode 2 :) Please keep critisism constructive as we are doing this for the fans of Britannia and British Wrestling, so any suggestions of improvement would be appreciated.


We hope you enjoy.


BWP Admin



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We have received a lot of feedback on our social network sites regarding the pilot episode of BWP Encore! ... the vast majority being very constructive and very positive, thank you to any UKFF'ers who may have contributed.


The next edition of BWP Encore! will be recorded shortly, and will this time (and every time from now on) be filmed on a much better set :) We think you will be pleased with the change.


We'll keep you posted on here as to when the next episode will be shown on the Britannia Wrestling Promotions Youtube channel.

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