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Ring worn Mysterio Family gear for sale.


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Hi guys !


just like i did with my dvd's i'm sorting out my ring worn gear. Up for sale is rare stuff from the Mysterio family,extremely hard to obtain and truly one of a kind !


From Mysterio SR i have a combo set of ring worn & authographed Mask and boots. This type of mask is especially rare since it was one of his first, it's very old and you can tell the fabric feels very diffrent from other lucha masks, also this is his old design,again, one of his first !! everything is in phenomenal shape too.


Then i also have a combo set of ring worn & signed mask + thights from Hijo de rey myserio. even tho he might not be very famous yet this is still an unbeievable collector item that would make any fan of the Mysterio legacy proud to own, you can not find this anywhere else i guarantee.


I can not provide proof that this is real, i did not get a certificate or anything but people who are into mask collecting should now that hardly ever happens with lucha masks anyway, i can promise you this is genuine, i spend many years collecting ring worn masks and have many contacts in that field, i still have around 15 other ring worn masks displayed in glass cabinets i will not sell including other mysterio masks but these may go. i obtained this from a good man namen Bobby who had worked closely with the mysterio family for years and was even related to them, i lost contact a bit since i stopped buying masks but he was legit, we had great talks in emails an he showed my personal pictures of him with the mysterio family so that's how i know i could trust him.


I ask 300

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