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It's been mentioned in passing over the last few weeks, and discussed in private with those who have shown interest... Now it's time to make the announcement... While there isn't an exact date planned as of yet, Crazy Max will be adding a whole new aspect to the site around March of 2013...


A new aspect, you say???? What does this mean???


You see, the Message Board will only be one area of the new Crazy Max... The other half of the site will be made public, and it will feature a new and exciting venture for the CMax community and beyond as we plan to step into the world of Wrestling & MMA News. We're talking News, Reviews, Weekly TV Recaps, Articles, Audio Interviews/Shoots, Podcasts, Bios, even an RSS Feed. Just to clarify, we won't be stealing direct info from other sites, but writing our own! We're currently working on a sleek design similar to that of a CBSSports.com or ESPN.com...We want to make the new site easy to navigate while at the same time providing the most information possible on the main page... For those worried about the private community going public, don't be.... The message board itself will remain secure and private, just as it is right now...


In regards to the new area of the site, we will be working with a couple of off-site fans who have invested interest in this new idea under the Crazy Max domain name. You'll also likely recognize some of the names that have already tentatively signed up to join the new site, as they are former and current writers from other wrestling news sites. We've also already secured some names for potential audio shoots for the upcoming year, both long time legends and current indy stars.


While we've already begun to recruit people for specific tasks on the new area of the site, there are still plenty of opportunities open for potential writers to join in on the fun. There are plenty of voluntary jobs still available in most departments of the new area of the site. These voluntary jobs should accommodate anyone from the chatterbox who wants to be heard every day to the casual writer who may only have a day or two a month to chime in. These "jobs" include openings in everything from daily, weekly to even monthly posting. If you have any interest in any of the voluntary jobs below, please contact me to discuss. If you don't see something you're interested in below, but have an idea of how you may be able to help, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!



1. Writers

Articles, Columnists, Bloggers (Depending on the type of piece you wish to write and how often you feel you can participate, your work can be posted weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can even get started now to have some in the can for the site's kickoff. We're open to your ideas for columns, articles, etc.. All articles will be proofread before being posted. If you already write a column or blog elsewhere, it's still welcome to be posted here.)


2. Reviewers

a. Video Reviews (Post reviews of random events on a consistent basis or at your leisure)

b. Weekly TV Recaps (Contact to find out which wrestling programs are still available for weekly reviews)

c. Monthly PPV Recaps (Give your thoughts on the monthly PPV's put out by WWE, TNA, UFC, even iPPV's, take your pick)


3. Bios

Over time, we will be adding Bios of random wrestlers, both past and present, to the site. We welcome anyone to provide us with detailed Bios of their favorite wrestler(s) at any time. By "detailed" we mean a decent write-up that covers all of the major points of said wrestler's career. Again, you can start on these now if you want to have a few in the can before the site's debut. If you'd like to take this on as a project please let me know.


4. News Reporter

We'd like to add one more news reporter. There are 3 requirements needed...

a. You must have an Observer/FFW web account and/or other "insider" sites like PWTorch. We want you to get the facts straight before posting anything.

b. You MUST know the difference between FACTS and RUMORS. Stay away from sites like Lordsofpain when digging up info. Stick to fact based sites like the ones mentioned above. Confirm your stories before posting!

c. No copying things word for word. If you're going to take the time to report the news, at least do it in your own words unless posting a quote.



There will be a news area of the site, and a message board area (though our board will remain private like it currently is). The public will only be able to access all the news areas of the site, while only Cmax Board members will be able to log into the forums...


I'm sure there are all sorts of thoughts and questions you may have so please don't hesitate to contact me directly via PM or email regarding anything pertaining to the news above...


Looking forward to reading your work!!!

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