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RudoReels.com 25% Off Sale & "Lethal Lottery" Fire Pro T


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Hi guys! A friend suggested I check out this forum, and here I am.


Wanted to post this in case anyone is interested.


Right now until January 16 I'm running a 25% off sale with the code "MUCHALUCHA." It's good for DVD purchases only, as downloads are already cheap.



The fun part, though, is I'm running another Fire Pro Returns tournament. Some might not be interested, some might be, but keep reading anyway, and you'll see why (cough, prizes).



From now until Jan 31st, every $5 you spend at rudoreels.com lets you pick one wrestler to appear in the tournament.

Wrestlers to choose from: http://www.fireproclub.com/forum/viewtopic...=25&t=23248

The picks will be put into teams at random (likely to be trios if there are enough) and the teams will be organized into a round robin tournament.


Matches will be simmed out, and normally I'd "live-tweet" them, but this time, by popular demand, I've gotten a streaming setup and you'll be able to watch the matches.


Winning team members each will get a whopping $50 in store credit, and runner-ups will get $25 store credit each.


Some might have zero interest in this, which is fine, but look at it this way- if you need some DVDs anyway, here's a chance to get something extra out of it.


Date of actual tournament to be determined, but even if I do it "live" it'll be kept available for future viewing should anyone wish to watch it.


Open to comments & concerns, take care all. :)

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