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I've found myself asking this question recently - which indie companies do the best DVD releases? Being based in Scotland means I don't to as many indie shows as I like. I've been to both PROGRESS and PCW and own DVDs from both, but am looking at ordering from Southside, FCP, FPW, Rev Pro and others. What am I in for? What's the packaging like, the DVD quality like? Sound?


There seems to be discussions every so often on Twitter about packaging, and I have to say I do prefer getting something with a decent cover and proper DVD case, if only so I can put it on my shelf, but it's not as much of a deal breaker for me as it is for others.


PCW seems to be the best from what people are saying, and the quality is great. The boxes are a bit cheap but the covers are really good, and the picture is great.


Progress is not as great quality, but I really enjoy their wrestling product so can forgive it. Printed discs are great quality, but would prefer a proper case as I said - I've actually made my own covers and bought cases for the ones so far.


I also got the Pro Wrestling Elite DVD with Noam Dar .vs. AJ Styles. I thought this was potentially the best picture quality out of the three, but the sound was really bad. The packaging on those was great.


What have others got, and what is worth getting? Also, which specific events should someone new to these companies get?

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