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SWA:SOURCE featuring Prince Devitt, Mikey Whiplash, BMW, Nikki Storm a


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The stars of SWA: SOURCE come back to Clydebank on Saturday September 1st, and are bringing one of the best wrestlers in the world to the party!


We are proud to announce that New Japan Pro Wrestlings own Prince Fergal Devitt is coming to Clydebank to wrestle the Arrogant Mark Anthony Coffey!





Devitt is one of the most decorated Irish athletes EVER with several Junior Heavyweight Titles and Tag Titles accrued during his 6 years in the Orient. Devitt has been very instrumental in helping the trainees and graduates of the Source Wrestling School to the next level, and one them, Mark Anthony Coffey, gets a massive opportunity to test his abilities against arguably The Best Around! This should be amazing!


Also on the show!


Local boy Chris Saynt has been awarded a massive opportunity to become the very first Source graduate to win the Scottish Heavyweight Title, as he gets an opportunity to tackle the "Human Torture Device" Mikey Whiplash.




This will be this biggest test of the young mans career so far, and some fellow workers are more worried for John's safety, than whether or not he can pick up the victory! Whiplash has been unbeatable as Champion. He has demolished various members of the SWA roster thus far, explaining to his downed opponents that they just aren't at the level required to be Champion. They are but boys.


This doesn't bode well for the Clydebank youngster, but we know theres alot of fight in the young man, and could he provide a massive shock in his own home town??


Pride Champion Dickie Divers locks horns with angry newcomer Alex Cavanagh




Dickie Divers has proven to be a formidable opponent throughout the past year and has been on a roll in Source Wrestling. As soon as he won the Pride Championship in a triple threat against Glen Dunbar and Mark Anthony back in March, he has carried the title with dignity, pride and intensity, steamrolling through challengers left right and centre. After gaining an ego boost by tackling British legend Drew McDonald, Alex Cavanagh has added himself to the list of people who want to end the streak of Dickie Divers.


Britains Most Wanted versus Tornado and ???




In August last year BMW entered Centre 81 and defeated the interim champions to win themselves the SWA Tag Team Championship for the fifth time, but after losing the titles to the Originals later in the month in SWA

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First show I've actually sat and watched for about 7 years. Which was a bit weird.


Results and impartial thoughts:


The Masked Avengers (Tornado and... uh... Solar? didn't quite catch the name) d. BMW

- BMW doing a badass 'heels in black with bandanas' gimmick, which really worked. Really impressed with Tornado, who I'd never seen before. Good presence, good look, great athletisicm and the kids loved the gimmick. Solar very reminiscent of a little fella I used to tag with, which is no bad thing ;)


Glen Dunbar d. Lewis Girvan and Jam O'Malley

- Jam disturbs me. That is all. The PA system wasn't the bestest, so I really couldn't hear anyting that anyone said on the mic. Which was a shame. There was an open challenge, which I only know because I just read it above. Match was decent without really kicking it into high gear. Girvan looks to have majorly improved , which I'm guessing working for All-Star will do for you.


Mikey Whiplash d. Christohper Saynt

- Embarassingly enough, this would be the first time I've ever seen Whiplash work. Wowza. Really, really good match here, with Saynt coming along in leaps and bounds since I last saw him. I doubt you could do a better "plucky, overmatched hometown boy against cocky heel champion" match if you tried. Great stuff.


Kirsty Love d. Nikki Storm

- Really enjoyable women's match. Storm's a riot, and - in a recurring theme for the night, it seems - Love has also impvoed in leaps and bounds since I last saw her, even busting out an extremely impressive top-rope moonsault near the end. Good womens match, and Storm's tanrum at the end was lolz.


Dickie Divers and Alex Cavanagh went to a no-contest when BMW mauled Divers. Glen Dunbar then cut a promo

- I hate Divers, and his face. Match was pretty solid though, and I'm digging the look for Cavanagh. Some good back and forth stuff here. Finish was a bit disappointing, which I guess was the point, and again the PA didn't really help the post-match promo.


Prince Devitt d. Mark Anthony Coffey

Every bit as good as I expected. Coffey looks like a star in the making, and Devitt is... well... Devitt. Match built nicely to some great near-falls at the end, including an absolutely SICKENING brainbuster. Kids went batshit for Devitt, too.




All in all, a really solid show. Nothing bad, and at least two really high-quality matches. Also, going by the serious improvement by the likes of Saynt, Girvan, Love and Coffey, and the impressiveness of Tornado, the training school has clearly turned it up a gear in the last year or so. Based on what I saw, I might start attending some more shows in the future :)

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* Avengers vs. BMW was a solid opener. The crowd was right into what the Avengers were doing. Like Ceej, Tornado impressed me. His execution looked graceful as fuck as well. Reminded me a wee bit of when I seen Stevie Xavier for the first time. Doing some great stuff and doing it well. BMW, and Damien O'Conor in particular, are brilliant in their roles. Not sure what to make of Solar yet as he's the one that got the least chance to shine, but what chance he did get, he didn't look bad.


* Lewis Girvan is someone I took to instantly. He has a bagload of character. Any time I've seen him, he's settled into his roles well and always interacts with the crowd well. I always like that sort of thing. Jam was the weak link here, but like the others in the match, has all the character you could want. Made sense to wipe him out of the match though and when it was Girvan/Dunbar, the match excelled. Would like to see a one on one match with these guys.


* As said, Whiplash vs. Saynt was a damn fine match. Whiplash is utterly amazing. It's hard to grasp just how good the guy is. I had a feeling Saynt was much improved, but I'll be damned. This was fucking brilliant.


* Missed Love vs. Storm thanks to waiting for chips. :( So onto Divers vs. Cavanagh. The Cavanagh look is actually a bit weird to me. Well, the initial mask and stuff. The look when he gets rid of that is great. I'm a fan of Divers. Cavanagh is always someone who is solid as fuck, and this was such a match. Unlike the above, I did like the ending. There's a lot of things beginning to come together, and BMW into the mix for the Pride title suits me.


* The main event... wow. Mark Coffey is someone who is on the rise. He had a match against Whiplash in ICW which probably made him in front of that audience, and now in Source he's going toe to toe and looking excellent against Devitt. A truly brilliant match which you had to expect from these two guys.


So I enjoyed the whole thing. Worth a tenner for the two main events alone and then the other stuff was a nice bonus. Can't be fairer than that.

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