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BCW Present "The Road To No Blood"


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As we go on our journey to the biggest event in our calander year we first stop off at our local venue the Ballerup Hall in East Kilbride...


Last time in East Kilbride we witnessed tensions reach breaking point in the Aggression when Chris Rampage and leader Kid Fite got involved in a very heated argument which lead to Fite ordering Kay Lee Ray to slap Rampage for standing up to the leader only for Rampage to catch Kay Lee,s hand and push her to the ground before walking out on the aggression...


Now Kid Fite thinks its about time the youngster is taught a lesson in respect before being allowed back into the aggression faction and that lesson is set to take place in the same place the faction started to break ...East Kilbride


So on the 29th of September you will witness


Kid Fite v.s Chris Rampage




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