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Show at Gloucester


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I was pleased to see that Superstars of Wrestling are putting on another presentation at Gloucester in October.


On reading the line-up, it was heading for a very good show, but i was then disappointed to read that yet again Skull Murphy and Danny Collins are again facing one another, even though it is in a tag match. I may be a fan of Skull Murphy but i think there is other people on the bill that are worthy of putting up a good fight against Skull Murphy. No disrespect to Danny Collins, i think it's time for a change.


I wouldn't like to see Matt Jarrett going the same way with the Gloucester crowd (which he has built a very good one), as Brian Dixon did with Hanley and watch it disappear, same old competitors at top of the bill in some shape or form.


I will still be going to the show to support Skull Murphy.

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