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Recently I picked up the book 'the History of Nintendo, Volume 2: 1980-1991 The Game and Watch Games, an amazing invention! I started reading it and thought of how cool it might be to play these games for the first time alongside reading about them and so have gone on a bit of a mission to try and acquire copies of each game!


I've managed to get hold of Game and Watch Gallery 1 and 2 on the 3DS Virtual Console, Game And Watch Gallery Advance for the Game Boy Micro! I've ordered both Game and Watch Collection 1 and 2 from eBay having bought them from sellers who got them exclusively from Club Nintendo and also bought the nine available games from DSiWare! When Game and Watch Gallery 3 gets released to the virtual Console this will give me 58 of the 59 Game and Watches to play!


I plan on working through these over the next few months and thought it would be a good idea to document my experiences with them! This will also give others an opportunity to discuss them, the memories and their favourites!


So here are the first two, feel free to comment, add or post your own high scores!





Scores: Game A:159, Game B:780


The first ever Game and Watch and the first I've ever had a proper go at by using the DSiware version on my 3DS! Loving the authentic graphics and sounds to really capture the feel of what I imagine the original would be like! I've played one game of each mode, Game A with 2 Balls and Game B with 3.


It's a nice little game, but unforgiving in that you only have one life! Nice stuff though! Has anyone else got this? Fancy a little score battle? Anyone else have any thoughts on this as a game?




Scores: Game A: 19, Game B: 22


Definitely my favourite of the two I've played so far! A very Simon quality to the game which comes with its own in built difficulty system! The 3DS buttons definitely make it more difficult to play than I imagine the original would have been but the quick nature of it, especially Game 2 make it panicky but fun to play!

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